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Acute hydrocephalus diet Care

Updated: Friday, Mar 19,2010, 1:39:52 PM
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In patients with acute hydrocephalus due to critical condition, coupled with the patient often vomiting, sweating, fever, dyspnea, hypoxia, application of dehydrating agent and diuretic, it is prone to dehydration, acidosis and electrolyte imbalance, so in the acute phase to ensure that nutritious supply, maintenance of water and electrolyte balance, good food care, is an extremely important part.

In patients with acute hydrocephalus can not eat when you were in a stable condition by intravenous infusion to supplement their diets and water. The daily intake should not be too much, generally around 2000ml. Mild, awareness of the more sober, no swallowing impairment can assist in eating liquid or semi-liquid. Food should light, Eat small meals often, the temperature should not be too cool overheating.

To feeding in patients with acute hydrocephalus should be noted: 1, if the patient swallowing chewing of random movement affected, genioglossus palsy resulted in mixing failure, therefore, food can not be sent to the upper and lower teeth between, nor can of food to the pharynx to promote, but patients are still swallowing reflex can be food to the base of the tongue, causing swallowing reflex swallowing food. 2, hydrocephalus associated with hyperlipidemia are atherosclerosis who want to limit animal fats in the diet, the best edible vegetable oil. To provide them with more vegetables, fruit and foods containing more fiber to prevent constipation from occurring. 3, face and tongue paralyzed patient feeding, the food is easy to fall out from the paralyzed side of mouth, or retention in the paralyzed side of the cheek, feeding time should be given to the contralateral patient supine. To rinse mouth watering meal residue, or scrubbing with cotton balls in the mouth, with particular attention to cleaning to prevent the paralysis of lateral cheek oral inflammation, to reduce bad breath, increased appetite and promote digestion.

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