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Acupuncture Treatment of Alopecia Areata

Updated: Sunday, Jan 03,2010, 8:04:36 PM
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Alopecia areata is a skin disorder with the patient's own immune function; mental, genetic, sex hormone and its receptor changes in trace elements and micro-circulation changes, and many other complex factors related to the limitations of patchy hair loss of hair disease.

Body Acupuncture

(A) point selection

Main points: Bai Council, the first dimension, A is the hole, germinal Point, old age, brain.

Distribution Point: shade-ming, the star, the sun, the wind pool, outside the customs, patio.

Germinal Point Location: the wind pool, wind the government to connect the mid-point.

Age-Point Location: Bai after an inch.

Brain Point Location: Wind pool under 5 minutes.

(B) Governance Act

2 to 3 every election the main points (A is the cave must be selected), efficacy is not significant when the Zhuojia distribution points. Point A is the area that the hair loss, flat thorns, hair loss may be transparent to the district, old age oblique hole in front of needle, needle handle patients with head and scalp, parallel to a sub-needle along the skin, acupuncture is relatively large; brain oblique needle hole to the bottom, two points into the needle, this hole in the scalp, inside and outside office, to just right, too deep too shallow will affect the efficacy. Feng-chi point, the needle piercing the bottom oblique 1.0 ~ 1.5 inch in order to get gas for the degree, I cave into the air after the needle was left needle. Left needle times are 15 to 20 minutes. Pin 1 day, 10 times as a course of treatment.

(C) Evaluation of

Treatment of alopecia areata and above (including the small number of other hair loss) were 1345 cases, 913 cases of recovery (67.8%) were cured, 236 cases (17.6%), effective in 127 cases (9.5%), ineffective 69 cases (5.1%), overall response rate was 94.9%. General treatment of around two to three treatments.


(A) point selection

Main Point: A is the hole, Qu pool, Zusanli.

Distribution points: the first dimension, Baihui, the wind pool, Pishu.

(B) Governance Act

Vitamin B12, adenosine triphosphate. Main points each with a hole (both sides), A is the hole that the hair loss area, multiple alopecia areata who, every election 2 ~ 3. No significant effect when added with points 1 to 2 pairs. Main points with 4 needle piercing (A is the hole from the hair loss at the edge to the center flat thorn), when patients have a sense of inflation, namely, injection of vitamin B12 injection (100 micrograms / 1 ml) 0.5 ml. Equipped with a 5-dental needle points, quick stab to a sense of something to gas after the injection of adenosine triphosphate 5 ~ 10 mg (Mei Xue). Daily or every other day one times, 10 times as a course of treatment. Treatment interval of 3 to 5 days.

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