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9 habits affect fertility

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 31,2014, 9:10:31 PM
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1. Age is the biggest culprit in fertility
The growth of the age influence on female fertility is very large, from women's physiological law, the strongest fertility in 20 to 24 years old, slow down after 30 years of age, 35 years old later fell rapidly, at the age of 35 is half at the age of 25, at the age of 40 is half the age of 35. After 44, about 87% of the women lose the ability to conceive.
Women approaching menopause, menstrual cycles get shorter and the irregular; Endometrium may be more and more thin, more and more not suitable for implantation; Vaginal discharge will become less liquidity and less likely to make sperm to enter. Increase with age, women's overall health level will decline. Some diseases such as endometriosis, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), infection may damage the reproductive organs lead to infertility.
Above the age of 35 pregnant women are more likely to happen such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, kidney disease and various kinds of pregnancy complications and is aggravating, cause fetal growth retardation in officer, stillbirth, and the incidence of stillbirth and perinatal mortality will increase, and fetal malformation rate also increased.

2. Obesity is bad for pregnancy
Obesity can destroy the female endocrine, also can prevent ovulation, also can cause various health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart disease, etc. These diseases may cause the female infertility, and can cause some complications during pregnancy. Pathological type of obese women seeking fertility treatment success rate will be lower.

3. The blind to lose weight will also lead to infertility
Blind excessive weight loss may cause the endocrine disorder, the menstrual cycle disorder, to stop ovulation. Excessive dieting brought about by the serious lack of nutrition disequilibrium, trace elements also affect fertility. , especially women over the age of 30, fertility itself has declined, more careful to lose weight.

4. Abortion is the second leading cause of female infertility
The doctor found that the number of abortions and is proportional to the risk of infertility. Multiple abortions can lead to pelvic appendagitis, fallopian tube jam after inflammation, infertility. The highly active endometrial debris when abortion, it is easy to transfer to the pelvic cavity planting form endometriosis lead to infertility. And recurrent abortion will cause the endometrium becomes very thin, once pregnant in the future, the embryo is like the sand rootstocks, inadequate nutrient, easy to dysplasia, abortion itself.

5. Genital inflammation affect fertility
Suffer from vaginitis, vaginal ph change, leukocytosis, these will hinder the sperm survival, activity decreased, officer within the neck inflammation caused by local environmental change, does not favor the sperm by neck, resulting in infertility. Pelvic infection if treatment is not timely, incomplete, especially tuberculous infection or gonococcus sex, even heal, also can cause tubal adhesion, distorted, narrow, leading to infertility or officer of the pregnancy.

6. Sexual habits bad harm children
Some young women sexual health, sexual chaos, STDS, often in the incubation period, the effects are not immediately, but unknowingly triggers the pelvic inflammatory disease, cause infertility. Menstruation sex thing easy for bacteria and relaxation of blood through the opening of the cervix into the pelvic cavity, cause infection. What's more, if the surviving, the reverse flow of blood in the pelvic cavity will cause endometriosis. Both are destroyed fertility killer.

7. Harmful chemicals affect pregnancy
Many chemical toxins can damage the egg, is also likely to cause endocrine secretion disorder. Some waterproof clothing, pesticides, food packaging, upholstery, fluoride commodities such as dragon non-stick coating of perfluorinated chemicals, not only to human liver, the immune system, developmental toxicity and reproductive organs, lead to infertility, also can affect fetal development.

8. Alcohol, coffee disrupt fertility
Often drink, especially women, alcohol fertility will be significantly weakened. Because alcohol can interfere with the absorption of nutrients, just a glass of wine can reduce the content of zinc in the body is the basic factor of fertility and zinc. Caffeine - even if only drink two cups of coffee a day, also can reduce fertility in 50% of the degree. Cola drinks has the same effect, because coke also contains large amounts of caffeine.

9. Mental tension stress affect fertility
Comes at a time when women of reproductive age, if the environment change, mood swings, under great pressure for a long time, is likely to happen the endocrine disorder, menstruation also began to disorder, and even become amenorrhea, not ovulation, in this case, of course, is also not easy pregnant. Employment pressure increased competition makes a lot of career women, chronic anxiety, depression, or fear of mental state will affect the pregnancy.

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