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ovarian cancer and exposure to asbestos

Updated: Friday, Sep 11,2009, 4:03:41 PM
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A number of studies have reported an increase in mortality from ovarian cancer among women occupationally exposed to amphibole forms of asbestos. To date, no increase in mortality from ovarian cancer was observed among women who work only with chrysotile asbestos.

Another study published in 1999 (which analyzed more than a thousand women) found that 45 percent of people with ovarian cancer reported using talc in the genital area, compared to 36 percent of women without the disease, which led to an increase in the overall relative risk of 60 percent. In addition, women who did not use talc themselves, but whose husband is used talc on their genitals had 50 percent increased risk of ovarian cancer. Talc, like asbestos, is classified as a mineralogically hydrated magnesium silicate. As such, unlike talc minerals as asbestos, but also has a carcinogenic effect, such as asbestos. Present naturally in nature, anthophyllite asbestos is formed by the natural breakdown of talc.

A 1982 case-control study on ovarian cancer and talc found that women with ovarian cancer were about three times more likely to have used talcum powder on the genitals of control patients without Malignant tumors of the ovary. The study noted that talc powder cosmetics are known to be contaminated with amphibole asbestos fibers such as tremolite and anthophyllite. In addition, a study of the pathology published in the early 1970s reported embedded particle talc in 75 percent of ovarian tumors in the sample.

In 1999 a study was published that assessed mortality by cause of women compensated for exposure to asbestos in their profession. The study found significantly increased mortality from cancer of the ovary, and lung and uterine cancer.

Evidence presented by the ICAR

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) confirmed in March 2009 that all commercial asbestos fibers cause lung cancer and mesothelioma. The ICAR has also confirmed that asbestos causes cancer of the larynx and recently confirmed that there is sufficient evidence to say that exposure to asbestos causes cancer of the ovary.

"The confirmation by the IARC - the world's leading Agency for Research on Cancer - all forms of asbestos, including its most commonly used chrysotile asbestos, lung cancer causes, cancer larynx, and mesothelioma, leave no doubt that the prevailing medical evidence is irrefutable that the carcinogenicity of asbestos. The new findings that there is sufficient evidence that asbestos also causes cancer of the ovary will have serious consequences for all women exposed to asbestos, "Lemen said.

Dr. Richard Lemen, retired Assistant Surgeon General of the United States and deputy director of the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, said that further confirmation is the beginning of a new chapter in the prevention of cancers related to the "Asbestos."

Recent studies on exposure to asbestos and the development of ovarian cancer have provided strong evidence of a causal relationship between exposure to asbestos and ovarian cancer. Naturally, further analysis of this relationship plausible and the risk factors involved must be conducted to better understand the dynamics between ovarian cancer and exposure to asbestos.

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