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mesothelioma,mesothelioma in dogs

Updated: Thursday, Sep 17,2009, 3:31:34 PM
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Saying "dog man's best friend" was understood by all, and in this context, this speech could not hold more truth. W. S. Department of Defense seeks 12-month study specifically looking at how dogs help veterans from post-traumatic transition to civilian life. 


Because the positive experience of these dogs were created for their owners, veterans, the team of psychiatric service dogs "were created Association of psychiatric service dogs. As explained by the founder of the Association of Joan Esnayra Gibbon: "If the dog watch when a person with PTSD is climbing, the dog will be able to report that they are raised, and since it is so early in this process, a person can manage and even prevent escalation," 

Mental health problems, which many veterans experience often violate their soldiers' lives in a combat situation. Because their minds fall slide in the war, they were previously exposed, comfort the dog has been shown to bring to reality. Availability of reliable data and the protection of war veterans gave a sense of security and comfort. 

Because of the frequency at which asbestos is used in the U.S. armed forces, veterans suffer from a form of cancer called mesothelioma. Mesothelioma occurs in mesothelioma, which is described as a thin tissue layer of cells lining the internal organs of the body. The most common form, which occupy three quarters of cases of mesothelioma occur in the thoracic cavity and defined as pleural mesothelioma.

Since these comrades to help suffering from a psychological struggle caused by the fighting, we appeal to those who suffer from physical effects of war. In the course of hostilities, soldiers come in contact with foreign bodies, some of which may have adverse effects on their health. One of the assassins of war is the effect of asbestos fibers. These tiny particles are found in many areas frequented by U.S. military, which makes the risk of exposure is inevitable. 

Often regarded as asbestos cancer, mesothelioma cancer is extremely aggressive type, which is often diagnosed during the veteran community. The similarity of symptoms for as bronchitis, pneumonia or influenza, often causes this type of cancer is not diagnosed at first glance. This form of cancer takes 20 to 50 years in developed countries, its diagnosis is often found in older veterans.


How U. S. Department of Defense, the study on the positive impact that has on dogs of war veterans suffering from psychological trauma, therapeutic comfort of the dog could also create the same stress relief. Veterans who suffer from physical illnesses such as mesothelioma, can benefit from the partnership and dependence on "man's best friend" can offer.

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