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Prostate Cancer and Asbestos link

Updated: Friday, Sep 11,2009, 4:08:43 PM
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One of these studies have analyzed a cohort of workers in an asbestos mine in Wittenoom crocidolite, Australia. Also included in the cohort were previous residents of Wittenoom, which are regarded as having been exposed to large quantities of asbestos from the local copy, and others occupationally exposed to crocidolite asbestos. It is important to note that Wittenoom was virtually abandoned (only a handful of people still are) and the government literally destroyed the town in the official maps, cut all power and services, announced the city status as revoked.

Other risk factors such as obesity, smoking and lack of exercise have also been studied for their relationship with prostate cancer. So far, none of these can be identified as clear risk factors. Another risk factor that has been scientifically evaluated is exposure to asbestos.

Another study published in 2003 analyzed the participants of the Campaign for screening asbestos Finnish. Between 1990 and 1992 a total of 23,285 men and 930 women were invited to participate in a national screening campaign of benign asbestos-related diseases. Participants were followed for occurrence of cancer through the Finnish Cancer Registry through 1998. The study revealed little, but significantly higher incidence of prostate cancer compared with the total Finnish population. The incidence of lung cancer and mesothelioma was significantly higher.

A higher incidence than the average prostate cancer was observed and the authors of the study noted the source of asbestos was significantly associated with risk of prostate cancer. People exposed to asbestos outside of Wittenoom were at much greater risk than other cohort members.

Although limited, scientific studies of this kind have documented and informed on the possible link between exposure to asbestos and cancer of the prostate. A clear understanding of the plausible link will only be achieved through research and analysis.

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