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homosexuality why are susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 3:05:43 PM
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The United States in 1981, the world's first report on gay men found a new kind of sexually transmitted diseases - AIDS. In the United States, 73% of AIDS patients are homosexual or duality of male love.

So, people wonder why homosexuality (mainly homosexual men) are prone to sexually transmitted diseases. To answer this question, it is necessary from what is a homosexual, homosexual sex means talking about.

Normal human sexual relations, is a heterosexual one through the external genitalia copulate sex. While homosexuality is the same-sex copulation between the behavior of such relationships, including male homosexuality and female homosexuality. Currently, psychiatrists classified as a sexual perversion homosexuality a manifestation of disease.

Mainly through the gay male masturbation and sodomy to vent their sexual desire, there is usually active and passive distinction. Take the initiative are from the physiological normal male; passive and is not, they are happy to play a "female" role, with its place of vaginal anal anal intercourse and active persons. Passive is male homosexuality can be seen the main culprit, often by non-use of coercive measures can not be pulled. The initiative has been via the dispersal of education or the opposite sex spouse, you can heal died. Initiative to commonly OK sodomy who glans penis small root tip swelling, passive and anal mucosa were flattened radial folds and the potential scarring, anal expansion was funnel-shaped.

Female homosexuality in general less than men, because they are carried out mainly through sexual intercourse masturbation iatrogenic harm and therefore smaller than men.

At present, medical scientists believe that male homosexuals are susceptible to sexually transmitted diseases, especially AIDS, may be the following two reasons:

First, some scholars believe that the chaos of the sexual relationship often leads to violent sexual Moreover, stronger male sexual desire itself, are impulsive, and thus sex between men is often brutal and intense. As the rectal mucosa, are much more vulnerable than the vaginal wall, rape, sexual behavior may direct mucosal damage, while sodomy itself is in the penis into the anus, the organ can also cause stretch limited laceration, bleeding, resulting in semen and blood pathogens directly through the wound, or another blood-borne infections. In addition, the anus is the place where the body excrete waste, not only dirty but also stranded many digestive tract of parasites and pathogens, these pathogens into the bloodstream, cross-infection. Therefore, at present abroad, has hepatitis A, amoebiasis and other sexually transmitted diseases are also included.

Second that male homosexuality is a sexual perversion disorder, and therefore there is such a small number of actors is, after all, this has limited the scope of the crowd. Because of their limited extent only in sexual relations, which once prevalent sexually transmitted diseases, the introduction of gay areas, the incidence of this group of people will be rising sharply. In the United States, some homosexual "lovers" many, or even one night with a dozen or more sexual relations, such promiscuity sexually transmitted diseases would spread very quickly. Thus, male homosexuality in the spread of sexually transmitted diseases more dangerous than heterosexuals.


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