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cystitis of symptoms

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 20,2010, 4:53:19 PM
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The symptoms can be a combination of:-

    * Frequent urge to pass urine(empty the bladder)
    * A burning sensation when passing urine
    * Pain when urinating ( called dysuria)
    * A pressing urgent need to pass urine
    * Blood in the urine (called haematuria)
    * Cloudy urine
    * Strong smelling urine
    * Low pelvic dragging pressure
    * Passing only small amount of urine
    * Painful sexual intercourse
    * A mild temperature
    * General tiredness and feeling unwell

The differences between bacterial cystitis and interstitial cystitis are:

    * Only lasts a few days

    * Frequency and pain when emptying the bladder

    * Bacteria shows up on urine test

    * Antibiotics are used to treat this condition


    * This condition is ongoing with no breaks or relief

    * Pain and discomfort, continuously aware of  bladder

    * Brief relief when passing urine

    * Never-ending frequency

    * Short term antibiotics have no affect

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