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Women's early symptoms of AIDS what?

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:12:20 PM
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AIDS is an infectious disease caused by the HIV virus, at present, there is no effective way to treat aids. So the amount of AIDS prevention is very important. AIDS symptoms of women and men are very different, the following to introduce the early symptoms of female aids.

1, early in HIV infection, women of the early symptoms of AIDS began to slowly appear, especially enlargement of lymph nodes in the neck, axilla and groin, will become, enlarged to a diameter is about 1 cm, a wide range, continuous enlargement. This is the obvious symptoms. Moreover, the lymph node is hard, can move, but it is strange that, do not feel how pain, swelling time is likely to be more than 3 months, a long time.

2, often appear in the papillary tumor, and due to virus infection and lead to the production of serious cervical development, and may lead to the occurrence of cervical neoplasia.

3, urinary tract infection, poor condition, poor urination, there is a sense of discomfort.

4, genital under possible infection, leading to genital bleb, pelvic inflammatory disease, Candida and trichomonas vaginitis a series of inflammation of Department of gynaecology.

Women with AIDS and men are very different, these are the main symptoms of the early female AIDS. Women in the early symptoms of AIDS, the blood already contains a virus, if during this period some dangerous sexual behavior, it is possible to cause sexual partners also infected with hiv. So, even if there is no symptoms, it does not necessarily prove that there is no HIV infection. As AIDS has not yet found an effective cure, so we must pay attention to prevention.

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