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With AIDS incubation period in the end how long?

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:11:27 PM
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AIDS is a terrible about the immune system disease, at present in the world is almost there is no complete cure is possible, so we need to learn all kinds of knowledge about AIDS, such as the incubation period of AIDS is how long, the incubation period of AIDS performance and so on.

Today we are to explore how long the incubation period of AIDS, but to tell the truth, I really can not determine the exact period of the disease is how long it can only be said to vary. From the data point of view, the average child is one year, while the adult is two years and zero nine months. But there are individual cases show that the incubation period is likely to be more than five years, and even some patients are as long as zero two years and fourteen months. On the contrary, there have been patients with the shortest latency record, just six days time. So, it is really different, it can be said that the issue of luck, and in general such a short incubation period is often due to infection in patients with blood transfusion.

Do you think it's to understand the disease incubation period how long also do not have what meaning, in fact, is not to know the incubation period of AIDS is contagious, so to understand it is also very important, otherwise in the incubation period when accidentally or how to spread to family, friends and relatives, the consequences would be disastrous, so that the enemy can ever victorious.

For how to cut off the source of infection of AIDS, the most important thing is to carry out preventive measures. We all understand that AIDS is through blood, mother to child or sexual contact with infection, since the transmission of clear and clear, as long as in life more attention, can be very good to prevent the occurrence of aids. May the world have no pain, may all the children grow up healthily.

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