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What is the transmission way of syphilis

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:02:31 PM
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Syphilis is a chronic infectious disease. It is a disease caused by a kind of syphilis. The clinical manifestations of the skin, mucous membrane, and other tissues and organs can be expressed in a variety of tissues. Why syphilis is so aggressive? We need to know the virus.

Syphilis is a kind of very complicated microorganism, which contains many kinds of antigens. The virus enters the human body, a few hours after the invasion of the lymph nodes near the 2-3 day after blood all over the body.

As a global high incidence of syphilis, it has seriously affected the health of many people. To understand the transmission of syphilis in order to better protect themselves and others

General syphilis has the following several common transmission routes, should pay attention to:

1, blood borne

Syphilis can be in the human body blood latent long time. Patients with health or other diseases by entering the blood of syphilis patients can be infected with syphilis.

2, indirect contact transmission

Syphilis patients used items are very likely to be infected with syphilis helicoid, such as bedding, clothes, toilet, toilet, bath towel, these are ways of transmission of syphilis. Once a healthy person has a slight wound contact with the object of the syphilis, it is easy to infect syphilis.

3, placental transmission

Pregnant women with syphilis can pass the virus to the fetus through the placenta. The infection of the placenta mainly occurred in the early syphilis in pregnant women.

4, sexual contact transmission

Here said the sexual contact with syphilis patients including sexual life, kiss, hug, etc.. Because the skin mucous membrane of human genital place is humble, rich in blood vessels, in sexual life when in bloodshot condition, easy to cause the damage, so that syphilis helicoid to enter each other's body.

5, the spread of the birth canal

When the fetus after birth canal syphilis infection could infect syphilis incidence.

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