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What is the rash of AIDS

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:04:54 PM
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With the development of modern society, the disease has spread of AIDS, the momentum of the spread. However, due to the early symptoms of a rash, and common skin rash similar and difficult to distinguish, not only delay the diagnosis and treatment of time, but also to people's psychological anxiety caused by tension. What is the difference between the AIDS rash and general skin rash, what are the characteristics, we should be how to judge and identify preliminary, look at the specific analysis of it.

The rash of AIDS in general appears to be infected with the 2-3 virus HIV weeks, but there are some people will not have the symptoms of skin rash. AIDS rash does not exist for a long time, usually within one or two weeks. And out of the window period of patients symptoms are generally very slight, the rash will not be particularly itchy, and even not easily be detected. AIDS rash is generally red or red purple spots, a slight uplift, often appear in the chest, back and arms and other places. And the general rash difference is not too large, so sometimes ignored and misunderstood. In the early stage of the disease, the rash will be accompanied by muscle pain, fever, headache and diarrhea, once these symptoms appear together, we suggest that you go to the hospital in a timely manner. But there are some patients in the initial period, in addition to the rash, there will be no other symptoms appear, which is more special circumstances. In short, after the emergence of a large area of the rash, or should be timely to the hospital for AIDS testing, to be confirmed.

So we are reminded of a rash of friends, must be early detection, so as to determine the answer, after all, it is difficult to confirm the light. If it is only an ordinary skin rash and is suspected of AIDS, which will cause the parties to increase the mental pressure, affect the work and life. But if it is a rash of AIDS and is ignored as an ordinary skin rash, then it will delay the time of discovery and treatment, resulting in adverse effects on patients. For your physical and mental health is not interference, early detection, early treatment, is the best way.

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