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What does syphilis eat to body good?

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:08:32 PM
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What does syphilis eat to body good?

1, rich in vitamin A foods are carrots, spinach, cabbage, leeks, spinach, broccoli, spinach, mustard greens, alfalfa, Malan head, day lily, fennel, parsley, kale, apricot and other.

2, vitamin B6 on the regulation of fat and fatty acid synthesis, inhibit sebum secretion, stimulate hair regeneration has an important role.

3, foods rich in vitamin B6, potato, beans, sesame, orange, black carp.

4, in addition, eat vitamin B2 and vitamin C rich food also has some effect on seborrheic alopecia.

Syphilis is very good not to eat what food?

Two, 1 period syphilis patient should eat less animal fat, sweet and spicy food.

2, avoid alcohol.

In short, syphilis patients should eat more fresh vegetables, fruits, eat greasy food, eat less spicy food, drinking alcohol, appropriate drinking water, is conducive to the elimination of toxins in the body.

A healthy diet is often able to bring us unexpected surprise, as syphilis patients, bad eating habits and hobbies is absolutely not some, especially during the treatment of syphilis and just the cure after. To develop healthy eating habits, that is, to add vitamins and proteins, in order to enhance their own resistance.

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