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What causes syphilis

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:07:50 PM
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Most of people know about syphilis, syphilis is a venereal disease, it is a kind of common infectious disease. The scientific explanation is that syphilis is a chronic systemic infectious disease caused by the transmission of syphilis. Its transmission more sexually transmitted. If it leads to the onset of the skin, mucous membrane and internal organs, then, it is called acquired syphilis. At the same time, mother to child transmission is one of the ways of transmission of syphilis, which is called congenital syphilis. Similar to the spread of aids.

Syphilis is usually spread through sexual contact, promiscuity, frequent replacement of sexual partners will increase the infection rate of syphilis. In addition to sexual behavior, syphilis can also be infected through non sexual contact. For example, medical personnel under the condition without any protective measures, due to contact with infected patients with syphilis or pathogen, and let susceptibility of blood on the acceptance of syphilis infection in blood, it will make human blood under the condition of non infected with syphilis; in addition, through the non biological infection is a very rare route of transmission.

Syphilis is divided into one period syphilis, two period syphilis, three period syphilis, at different times, the circumstance of syphilis incidence is different, the disease is earlier and later the more serious. Syphilis has three weeks of incubation period, the spiral body is immersed in, generally in the first phase of syphilis ushered in the period of onset. At the beginning, where generated rice infected large dark red infiltration, one in 2 weeks after gradually raised. In this process, together with other symptoms, such as hard chancre symptom concurrent: erosion, ulcer, serous fluid exudation; secondary syphilis start means that syphilis further to the serious situation of development, with the blood circulation of the spiral body to spread throughout the body, resulting in large areas of inflammation. The symptoms of the symptoms are not expected, the symptoms of the lighter, a few weeks after the regression. Wet and friction conditions caused by inflammation at the same time the anus and genitalia rashes in front mentioned, erosion, serous fluid exudation, this illness called is compressed wet wart; 3 period syphilis is inchoate syphilis, generally to 3 period syphilis that condition has reached a very acute and dangerous point. But the three phase of syphilis is generally in the infection after 4 to 5 years will appear damage. After entering a period of lesions 3 period syphilis, syphilis will become is syphilis rash and gumma. At this time, the virus will invasion to human skin, mucosa and skeletal lines of defense, and in 10 to 20 years later, upon the body's immune system to the last line of defense, to the detriment of the cardiovascular and nervous system causing aortitis.

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