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What are the initial symptoms of syphilis?

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:03:58 PM
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Syphilis is a highly contagious disease, generally spread through sexual life, so many patients because they do not clean sexual life suffering from syphilis, in the community people for syphilis patients have some discriminatory, so suffering from syphilis will not only cause physical pain, but also brought to mind the trauma, so luetic harm sex is very big, many families got on the edge on the brink of collapse because of the suffering from syphilis, so for the treatment of syphilis is also very important, early syphilis treatment is relatively easy. Therefore, understanding the early syphilis symptom is also very necessary. Syphilis is now classified as a type of prevention and cure disease management, which can be seen as a great danger. The following small make up on the early symptoms of syphilis, hope to help to understand the early symptoms of syphilis friends.

Vary between the incidence of syphilis and disease in general physically weak people will earlier, usually within 2-4 weeks after infection disease, found syphilis symptom is generally virus infection after 10-90 day range, physical condition is good, other sexually transmitted diseases before treatment and disease for a long time, but as long as it is infected with syphilis, the incidence is certain, so pay attention to the vast number of friends, don't infection, because its infectivity is very high, infection is bound to the onset of the disease.

Many patients don't know the disease of syphilis, found genital have little problem will worry, worry about getting the unclean syphilis and other sexually transmitted diseases, it is because of the lack of understanding of syphilis. Here's a look at some of the early symptoms of syphilis, genital lesions of the friends to know that he is not suffering from syphilis.

What are the early symptoms of syphilis? Infection syphilis virus within 2-4 weeks will find hard chancre the chancre mostly occur in the genital area, men in the coronary sulcus, penis, wrapping and other parts, women in the size of the labia, or uterus, beginning as a papule, will quickly rupture become red small ulcer, showing a round, the above will have a small amount of serous secretions, which will contain a lot of Treponema pallidum, chancre generally single, and as hard as cartilage, but not a sense of pain. The disease of syphilis is not only can invade and mucous membrane, and can affect the whole body each organization, the damage is very big, so syphilis is a kind of malignant disease, can not be ignored. Should be early detection and early treatment.

Syphilis helicoid can from a lymph node into the blood, through the blood of Treponema experience in vivo rapid propagation and distribution to various parts of the body, cause systemic disease, in the infection of 7-20 weeks will appear systemic symptoms, such as fever, headache, muscle and joint pain, this time all the lymph node enlargement, systemic skin rash, realized the macula, papula, cell pus, rupioides rash, red copper, there are a small number of scales attached, often appear to be distributed symmetrically, intensive fusion.

Syphilis infection, the patient will within 2-4 weeks of onset, and some also can be extended to 10-90 days, because the incidence of syphilis time uncertainty and causes are many, so early symptoms of syphilis can not determined according to the time, syphilis once the disease quickly spread to the whole body, very rapid onset, so early symptoms will deteriorate rapidly, very fast through the early, become more serious syphilis, so the vast number of friends must know the early symptoms of syphilis, and timely to the hospital for treatment, or syphilis will soon spread to the whole body, causing great pain.

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