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What are the AIDS prevention measures

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:10:04 PM
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AIDS is still the number one killer of human health, there is no way to cure it. And its latent time is long, the latent period also has no obvious symptom. But once the disease, but can destroy the human immune system, resulting in death. So far, human beings have not yet found a vaccine or drug to prevent aids. So to stay away from AIDS, preventive measures are very important.

Because AIDS is transmitted through 3 ways: sexual intercourse, blood and mother to child transmission, so its prevention is to cut off the spread of these ways.

Prohibition of prostitution, avoid sexual behavior unusual, jieshenziai.

Sexual life when using condoms, which is one of the most effective measures to prevent aids.

Avoid direct contact with AIDS, urine, semen, milk and blood, etc..

Do not carry out blood transfusion or use of blood components of drugs, to be carried out under the supervision of the doctor.

Prohibit sharing razor, toothbrush and other personal products.

To keep away from drugs, is strictly prohibited to use syringes.

Abstinence: as long as people do not have sexual life, it is not easy to be infected with sexually transmitted diseases and aids. Adults should learn to suppress impulse, more involved in beneficial physical and mental activities, such as playing, playing musical instruments, etc.. In adolescence, young people should develop a high interest and hobbies, and play a very important role in the control of aids.

Loyalty: the main transmission routes of AIDS is promiscuity. Between husband and wife should do only a fixed sexual partners, so as to prevent the infection of aids.

Condom: as the last line of defense of AIDS from sexual intercourse, the correct use of condoms can effectively prevent AIDS, protect the safety and health of the two sides.

Caring for yourself, caring for others. The prevention of AIDS, is everyone's responsibility.

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