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The relationship between drug abuse and AIDS.

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 3:39:26 PM
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What are drugs?

Drugs are opium, heroin, morphine, marijuana, cocaine and other requirements under the State Council are able to make a serious dependence of the narcotic drugs and psychotropic substances. At present, China's drug commonly used drugs are: heroin, opium, marijuana, methamphetamine, ecstasy, and so on.

The harm of drug abuse for young people:

Drug is used for non-medical purposes of smoking (oral, nasal absorption), and injecting drug use behavior. Young people who are physical, psychological development period, the psychological line of defense is weak, curious to judge right and wrong is poor and difficult to resist the temptation of drugs, combined with the dangers of drugs and drug addiction, lack of awareness of illegality, so that young people become vulnerable to drug attack populations. Drug use on young people with the following hazards:

1) harm to the health of young people

Ingestion of different drugs, will produce toxic side effects and withdrawal symptoms, will lead to an important body systems and organs, damage will take advantage of some diseases. Such as acute and chronic hepatitis, pneumonia, sepsis, heart and kidney failure, a variety of skin diseases, brain damage, toxic psychosis. When a person is addicted to drugs later (once you can heroin addiction), once the discontinuation of the use will produce the following variety of physical discomfort, such as muscle pain, abdominal pain, tears, runny nose, anxiety, insomnia and so on, users can not mentally and physically break away from dependence on drugs. After high doses of heroin can also cause fatal respiratory failure.

As the syringes, needles, solution, drugs pollution, as well as the sharing of syringes, injecting drug users infected with various infectious diseases can, such as hepatitis, AIDS. According to WHO statistics, the use of unclean syringes of drug addicts have been infected with hepatitis B hepatitis C, infection rate as high as 22% -68%. As of December 1998, in our testing found 12,639 cases of HIV-infected persons, 69.4% are drug addicts.

2) the impact of adolescent mental health

The long-term drug addicts can indulge in the self-illusory experience and unable to extricate themselves, loss of interest in interpersonal relationships, loss of life, love, in spirit more and more degenerate and become a slave to drugs. Plummeting grades, learning is no longer meaningful to them, supporting them to drive empty shells for the sole purpose is to try to obtain drugs. When the money to buy drugs, they will stop at nothing to steal, try to steal, to prostitution, they are easy to take risks, leading to bad behavior and criminal acts, against the family and society, and even mutilation of their loved ones family tragedies.

The relationship between drug use and AIDS:

Drug use is a hotbed for the spread of AIDS. This is because: 1) drug users often share syringes, needles, causing the HIV virus be transmitted through blood. Drug addiction up, often a dozen or even several people get together to share a syringe, let alone sterilize even the most elementary of cleaning is too late. If one of them were HIV-infected persons, will be contaminated syringes, HIV will spread to other drug users. 2) The sexual behavior of drug addicts is often very confusing, sexual promiscuity caused by HIV through sexual transmission; 3) physical decline in drug addicts, the body with poor immunity, but also for the incidence of HIV infection and created the conditions.

Why do I say "Do not be the first puff"?

Incentive for a lot of youth drug abuse, there is curiosity, being taken in, the blind pursuit of pleasure, from the adverse effects of peer, live and study frustrated, rebellious, in which, out of curiosity and the majority of drug addiction, a survey of drug abusers shows that due to curiosity drugs accounted for 84.4%. To come to "look what drugs feel", "smoking a play", "Fresh Taste", "I just want to know how the matter of drug abuse," "I do not believe it there are so God", "puff does not matter" mentality, etc., in the drug before leaving your curiosity, like the edge of the cliff lift knee to test how deep Yadi as dangerous as 10 million "Do not be the first puff." This is because:

1) drug addiction. The main harm of drugs is that it's addictive. Anyone addicted to drugs, is spared to produce a dual dependence on drugs: one is to stop using the drug after the drug users, there will be disorder in response to physiological function, or even fatal injury, the pain of severe unbearable This phenomenon is known as physical dependence. The other one is taking drugs, people would produce a euphoria, so that drug addicts use drugs again produced a strong desire to obtain the satisfaction and to avoid the unbearable pain, a phenomenon known as psychological dependence.

2) The high relapse rate. Once drug addiction, it is difficult to quit, a high relapse rate. This is because the psychological dependence on drugs is very stubborn. "As soon as drug abuse, ten drug treatment, life like poison" is a true portrayal of drug addicts. The outcome of the majority of drug addicts, or infected with other diseases, death, or excessive use of drugs to death, or inability to obtain drugs, can not stand the torment of drug addiction, suicide deaths.

Thus, young students must consciously resist risk factors, cherish life, do not suck "first mouth."

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