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TCM etiology and pathogenesis of AIDS awareness

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 2:59:34 PM
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1, cause analysis "Su Q fever on the commentary," pointed out: "righteousness deposit, the evil can not be dry; evil by Minato, their gas will empty." From analysis of AIDS due to medical theories, nothing more than "is empty", "evil invasion" at both ends. Polygenetic Ziqing indulgence, Hao Shang Zhen Yang, Yi deficiency caused by righteousness as "Immunotoxin" and feel; or the time of copulation, "Immunotoxin" taken advantage of the virtual and invasion of human 1:00. In addition, there are feelings of "Immunotoxin" and those who are asymptomatic, but also often when the deficiency in the pathogenesis of human righteousness. "Immunotoxin" is evil and its products can also be transmitted through blood or by the mother transmitted to the baby. As for the "Immunotoxin" the occurrence of scholars from various countries hold different views, there is the origin of dry Africa, the Americas (with the Kaposi's sarcoma-related) is said; also have originated in the West, the white, said that AIDS is accompanied by the emergence of Western homosexuality emerged diseases. January 31 of this year, the University of Alabama at Birmingham researchers have published papers in Chicago report that they have convincing evidence that: HIV from equatorial West Africa, chimpanzees; February 22 evening edition of "the Tokyo Shimbun "report, Kyoto University, Institute of Virology, The Professor Masanori Hayami, who was found living in the Central African region are long-tailed monkey of" Drill, "by carrying the virus, is the global spread of HIV (AIDS, a virus ) origin.

2, Pathogenesis of modern medicine that HIV is the pathogen leads to AIDS. The virus enters the body mainly affects the blood, bone marrow, the lymphatic system and kidneys, nervous system, and so on, and to drastically reduce the number of human-assisted T lymphocytes, the body the ability to resist a variety of pathogens is extremely low, leading to infection and death. TCM theory holds that the pathological mechanism of this disease, including two major changes: one for the exogenous evolution of the disease is actually due to Bingti feel the "Immunotoxin" The evil which Wei Qi, Ying and dysfunction of blood, leaving their respective organs triple burner produces pathological changes in the specific reflected; a disease, pathological changes to the process of internal injury, yin and yang, qi and blood is the actual situation of virtual decline or post-mix changes. "Immunotoxin" the evil violation of the human body, the first sub-Wei Syndrome occurs, if the hot and humid and dirty cloud of evil, you see the mouth ulcers, erosion, suprahyoid moss, such as product powder. Also see the beginning of the gas-phase syndrome and for the National Yang-Ming gas heat. If the evil trap-blood persons, can also cause bleeding. "Immunotoxin" is evil points with every straight into the blood, or to be issued from time to time, or disclosed cult poison gas points. Atrio-ventricular non-section, Hao Shang Zhen Yin. Therefore, in order to kidney disease, mostly internal injuries. Exists between the natural organs of Health and the close relationship between restraint and kidney yin and yang of the body Yinye again, the root of yang, kidney yin and yang imbalance will not only lead to dirty, and often can affect him dirty. Therefore, this disease is often accompanied by several organs of yin and yang, qi and blood of the deficiency. By case analysis point of view, disease and spleen and kidney were mostly. The pathological changes were often influence each other, so that Syndrome complicated condition deteriorated. "Immunotoxin" the evil of the most vulnerable g cutting righteousness, not only increases the organs wasting, and there are caused by Consumption From cards to reverse. Their performance as follows: the meat off bone atrophy, strength decay, or loss of appetite, diarrhea than other. According to different organs of wasting, each focusing on their performance. Immersive card in the spleen and kidney deficiency seen in AIDS patients to its main manifestations. Therefore, this disease is different from the mere loss of Erzhi Consumption From those organs. Blood deficiency for both organs, "Immunotoxin" evil attacks human beings or the onset of the internal factors, but also for "Immunotoxin" Invasion of the evil result of the pathological changes caused by the human body. While making the cult poison retraction, linger, creating a vicious cycle. Organs blood deficiency, dysfunctional, each often leads to pathological product (such as phlegm, blood stasis) to form and produce Zhengjia "," accumulate "and other syndromes, so that was more serious condition. Yes, due to lack of righteousness, Wei foreign Without a solid foundation, and there are folders exogenous. Erzhi deteriorating condition more often from the yin and yang must. Therefore, Consumption From and Exogenous Immunotoxin is the key to pathogenesis. temporary permit must be a clear grasp of pathogenesis, to distinguish between master and slave, to distinguish between Xiezheng . may stop the development and evolution of the disease.

3, etiology and pathogenesis Wu said: AIDS, mainly in the homosexual, drug addicts, most of the virus through close contact (sexual intercourse, etc.), from semen, blood, etc. transmission. Intercourse excessive sexual desire reckless, not a normal sexual life, homosexuality, prostitution and drug abuse have encountered Haoshang Kidney essence, leading to kidney essence and deprivation "are virtual" state, Evils dirty drug Xunjing awakened, Khan awakened, blood and Cheng Xu income, V in the blood network, Nesher business hours, to become the source of this disease. The disease course ought to "hot disease" category for the V temperature disease, evil from the inside made from the blood to gas sub-points, the first years after the certificate prima facie evidence, and sometimes easier to see straight guilty of doing evil warm blood, and heat-toxin flourishing, pneumatic hot-Sheng, causing a variety of hyperlipidemia, and neuropsychiatric symptoms. Organs of the disease pathogenesis change is starting in the "kidney essence is not Tibet," "kidney yin loss" caused by inadequate Lung-kidney yin deficiency, virtual fire suffering, extinction burning lungs Tianjin; volt gas Shangyin, issued at the Shao Yin . Hu also put forward a different point of view, he considered that due to the excessive sexual intercourse, homosexuality, drug abuse, leading to damage of kidney essence and can not biochemical qi, qi is not solid, the HIV Cheng Xu invasive organism. Hot-toxic human lung, Hyperactivity Yongsheng, burning liquid into the sputum, lung failure Xuan down, leading to phlegm-heat obstruct pulmonary disease, cough, chronic cough lung injury, resulting in Lung-lung damage, the formation of Qi and Yin Deficiency Certificate; If the phlegm-heat flows of the meridians, it will lead to the nuclear levy Zhengjia sputum. And viral invasions and stomach, the spleen lost Jian Yun, stomach disharmony drop, moisture inside the stop, humidifier fever, there spleen disorders; if each phlegm-heat resistance, fled the meridian, will lead to Zhengjia sputum nuclear levy, if the injured spleen Jiuxie , then there spleen-deficiency syndrome. Hot poison into the heart and mind have been interference from the camp into the blood, blood heat is too high, then the battalion Yin Tai injury, Yin injury of blood stagnation, viscosity into the silt; forced blood Wang Xing, resulting in heat Sheng moving hyperlipidemia. Heat into the evil Shao, kidney yin major injuries, loss of kidney essence, but also infected with HIV, while there is wasting disease; water is not Han wood, tendons and loss of support, and then form a virtual wind in hyperactivity.



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