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Several major questions about the spread of AIDS

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 3:34:27 PM
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Today's society, AIDS is often frightful. Handshake will spread a kiss and touched the patient will not be transmitted with bowl ... ... a lot of people very suspicious. In fact, the spread of AIDS, the path is far less "developed", many ideas are "unfounded", we only have full understanding of how HIV is contracted to the effective prevention, based on the given HIV-infected persons and the patient relaxed, warm environment and .

Blood donation, blood transfusion safe?

Can rest assured that all State-approved blood stations have strict procedures to use are strictly disinfected and disposable blood collection devices, no one went to donate blood will not get AIDS. In addition, our mid-90s from the last century, began nationwide source for HIV testing of all blood, all for human blood to go through two or more secondary or even testing, can be rest assured to use, do not have to worry about too AIDS.

To see a dentist, do endoscopy will become infected?

My right dental equipment, gastroscope, which may enter the body of the medical device disinfection, there are strict requirements, as long as required after disinfection of medical devices are safe, you can rest assured that use.

Mosquito bites will not get sick?

First of all, mosquitoes can spread some diseases do. However, we can rest assured that the mosquito bite does not spread AIDS. Studies have shown that HIV is not the mosquito breeding mosquitoes blood meal was no blood will be sucked into the body and then injected into the person being bitten.

Kissing would not spread the virus?

Kissing when there is no sight of blood as long as the two sides of oral wounds, merely contact with the saliva is not transmitted.

Whether the pregnant women infected with the virus will pass on their children?

Mother to child transmission is one of the ways of HIV transmission. Through the tireless efforts of scientists, now we have been able to by virtue of anti-viral treatment, effectively prevent such infections. Anti-viral therapy, is to give pregnant women pregnant taking anti-HIV drugs, while the child's birth, we also give the child to use. In this way, can make the child less likely to get AIDS, less than 10%. Of course, we hope that the women have been infected with the virus carefully chosen, after all, once they are pregnant, even to take effective preventive measures are still likely to give birth to an infected baby.

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