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Lubricants and Spermicides

Updated: Tuesday, Jul 20,2010, 4:36:06 PM
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Lubricants and Spermicides:

There are a variety of lubricants often already packaged with the condoms, some are available without any but the majority have either a silicone or water based lubricant to make the condom easier to go on, and use. If you choose to use more lubricant you will need to be aware of which types of condom you are using. Lubricants should be used after the condom is on the penis otherwise if used before could cause the condom to slip off. Silicone lubricant can be used with both types of condom but may stain fabrics.

Some condoms have spermicide on them it will tell you this on the packaging or you can purchase spermicides as foams or creams to be inserted prior to penetration as additional protection. One spermicide containing Nonoxynol 9 has in studies been shown to cause small sores on the lining of the vagina and rectum increasing the chances of contracting STI’s therefore for those who have multiple sexual partners or for anal sex it has been advised that a non spermicidal condom be used.

With latex use ONLY water-based lubricants such as K-Y Jelly. Other lubricants such as baby oil, Vaseline, massage oil will damage the condom and may cause it to tear. Saliva causes the condom to dry out and possibly tear.

With Polyurethane condoms you are able to use oil based lubricants with this as the plastic is unaffected.

Condom availability:

Condoms are widely available to all age groups and are provided free of charge from many sexual health /family planning/GP surgeries. They can also be bought from all sorts of different venues:

    * Supermarkets

    * Chemists and Pharmacies

    * Pubs and clubs

    * Vending machines in toilets

    * Internet

    * Mail order

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