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How to care for the rash of AIDS

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:06:30 PM
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If you have been diagnosed with AIDS patients, and the phenomenon of skin rash, what needs to be noted in your daily life matters? In addition to drug treatment, there is what you can do and the body is also good for it?

First of all, because of AIDS, the rash will be accompanied by itching feeling, all the people want to scratch, remember this is not possible, because once the scratch is very easy to cause infection, the consequences are very serious. The itching feeling strong and there is no way to control can a number of topical drugs were smear treatment, such as antihistamine drug allergy, vitamin C to give symptomatic treatment to reduce the capillary permeability, calcium gluconate, calamine lotion coating improve symptoms. When the symptom is serious can take replacement of different drugs to control, secondly, if herpes already fester, can go to the hospital to take dry exposed therapy, be infrared radiation 2 times a day, 30 minutes each time, after irradiation smeared Bactroban after sterilization Vaseline gauze cover, lest gauze and adhered to the skin can not be removed, to prevent breakage chapped skin bleeding, pain and disinfection effect. For small blisters or infiltration liquid less blisters, let the natural absorption, blisters wall as far as possible to maintain the integrity, avoid wound rupture to form; for large blisters, after iodophor disinfection strict implementation of aseptic operation, using sterile syringes of aspiration; finger and toe is broken, available sterile dry cotton stick each finger and toe separately, prevent adhesion. This is when the blisters are serious, can be treated with drugs.

In daily life, besides remember not scratch catch blisters, should also be attention to clothes, especially shirts and underwear, do not wear the stimulus material. Generally want a soft cotton cloth to do the best clothes, do not wear chemical fiber and wool fabric; stool to be unobstructed. Have constipation, can take laxatives or take enema measures. Diet, do not eat with irritating and greasy food. Remember to keep the skin and mucous membranes clean.

The above is we answer your questions about AIDS care some matters needing attention in daily life only oneself doubly careful, meticulous care of his body, in order to ensure no infection and exacerbations. Of course, if the situation is more serious, we still hope that you can go to the regular hospital for further rehabilitation treatment.

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