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How long can inchoate syphilis cure?

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:06:32 PM
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Syphilis is a kind of disease of sexual transmission, syphilis is to bring great pain to the patient, affect the daily life, endanger the health of the body. Syphilis infection, the patient should strive for early treatment, early syphilis is relatively easy to cure, then, that early syphilis how long can be cured? Many of my friends do not understand syphilis treats a method, unauthorized medication or is believe lakes Youyi folk prescription drugs and spend the money but not the actual effect, lead to repeatedly, in the end of early syphilis can cure you?

Expert introduction, early syphilis is in the spiral after immersion, after three weeks of incubation period. Early immersion in a large grain of rice, dark red infiltration, 2 weeks after slowly uplift, becoming hard nodules and accompanied by erosion, ulcer, serous fluid exudation, known as hard chancre.

Early syphilis infectivity is extremely strong, hard chancre lasts 2 - 6 weeks after will subside on their own and do not leave scar, if not treated or cure is undeserved, spiral blood and lymph node metastasis to the whole body, a few weeks after that develop into secondary syphilis, damage more serious.

Early syphilis if treated properly, it is relatively easy to cure, how long can cure varies, with the patient's physical and disease related, the earlier the treatment, the treatment of the shorter. Early syphilis should be carried out clinical and serological examination, until the serological examination was negative or maintain negative for more than three months so far, is completely cured.

Attention during early syphilis treatment

Early syphilis has extremely strong infectivity, need to pay attention to avoid the infection to others. The patient's underwear, towels and a separate wash, boil disinfection, not with others with the basin and bath. Detoxification, dehumidification insecticidal can be used when the hard chancre or vulva, anus Zhou Bianping acuminatum Chinese herbal medicine Jianshui fumigation sitz bath. During treatment, pay attention to nutrition, enhance immunity, should prohibit during cure of life;

How long can early syphilis cure? The treatment of early syphilis emphasizes to insist on treatment, the amount of medicine and so on, as long as the scientific treatment with the doctor, can be cured very quickly. In addition, after the cure requires periodic review, such as recurrence, and actively take the appropriate measures.

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