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How long can HIV survive in the air?

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:09:12 PM
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HIV is very fragile, the virus itself is not able to survive, it will not reproduce themselves, only in the parasitic or is integrated into the human body cells, can survive.

HIV in the air to live how long? Depending on the circumstances, the duration of the virus will be different. Is mainly related to the survival of the environment and to leave the body's blood or body fluids in the content of HIV.

In the general room temperature liquid environment, the time of living with HIV will be relatively long, usually can survive half a month or so. If it is in a moist environment for the blood, maintain the normal room temperature, HIV placed after 96 hours did not die, even if is as large as drops of blood only the tip, as long as there is fresh lymphocytes, HIV can still copy, spread.

If the goods are subject to HIV pollution, then in the next 3 days, the items are still infectious. AIDS is relatively low content of the blood of the blood, should be in their own two hours after the dry, the bacteria will die. However, if the HIV content is relatively high blood, even if it is dry after 2-4 hours, if you encounter lymphocytes again, the virus will continue to replicate.

But in the following circumstances, the survival time of HIV will be relatively short. HIV in the liquid, the temperature is heated to 56 degrees, as long as 10 minutes the virus will die, if the liquid directly to the boil, the virus will soon die. Temperature of 37 degrees, with 70% alcohol, 10% of bleaching powder, 2% glutaraldehyde, 4% formalin, 35% isopropanol, 0.5% Lysol and 0.3% hydrogen peroxide disinfectant disinfects 10 minutes, HIV will be death.

HIV is only in the blood and body fluids to survive, if only the air, water and food is very difficult to survive, once left blood and body fluids, HIV will soon die.

In addition, there is a situation, when the AIDS virus into the human body's digestive tract will be destroyed by the digestive tract in the digestive tract, in our daily life for some contact is not infected with hiv. Such as between two people, shaking hands, kissing, have a meal together, life in a house or office, contact others contact telephone, door, closet, contact the sweat and tears are not infected with the AIDS virus the.

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