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How early detection of HIV-infected

Updated: Saturday, Oct 24,2009, 6:04:45 PM
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Many people unknowingly infected with the HIV virus, and further they inadvertently infect others, but also some people pregnant vocabulary, the child got AIDS and know their parents are living with HIV, but also some superficial understanding of AIDS once infected with then the panic on the day and at a loss, we feel ashamed to see people do not dare to call the doctor.

    To this end, the author of more than a decade of AIDS research findings, to cite some examples, using simple terms and pass a language familiar and understandable to explain how they can be promptly found to be infected with HIV, infection and later should choose those test items to determine the stage of disease , and then what treatment measures must be taken to seek early treatment and prolong life.

       There are acute phase of HIV infection do?

     Some people with HIV through sexual intercourse or injecting drug needles virus and so on, there have been manifestations of acute HIV infection (known as the primary HIV-infection). This acute infection after exposure to the virus usually occurs in about one week to ten days, clinical symptoms are generally mild and transient, like a cold or mononucleosis disease infection, including fever, sore throat, fatigue, night sweats and swollen lymph nodes large, the skin rash is very common symptoms, after symptomatic treatment or even without treatment, 23 weeks later you can return to normal. During this period, the virus in the body of the rise and fall with the body's response to the virus is very significant, through appropriate inspection is fully capable of a clear diagnosis.

     For example, two

(1) 25-year-old homosexual male, because of fever, headache, sore throat a week, skin rash two days and for medical treatment, he was not evil, heinous history of other chronic diseases, multiple sexual partners, more frequent sex life prior to the onset, it is not clear with AIDS drug history of exposure to infected persons, face and upper body found that the size of 0.5-1.0 cm in diameter, erythema-like papules, mild neck lymph nodes, tonsil fossa inflammation. Blood tests showed normal blood cells, blood biochemistry and liver function tests normal, negative for virus detection in serum anti-HIV antibodies and are not tested. T-helper cell lymphocytes (CD4) normal, the only finding is that HIV antigen-positive serum. Two weeks after onset of rash faded, the patient consciously comfortable than before, anti-HIV antibodies became positive, but a month later phase of HIV antigen levels can not be measured and reduced to.

(2) 35-year-old male, with one known to be HIV-positive asymptomatic women, three weeks after sexual relations. He felt discomfort, mild headache and stool color up to five days long. Denied rashes, no sore throat, no diarrhea, medical examination revealed mild lymphadenopathy, fever, serum HIV antigen and antibody were negative, two weeks after the antibody-positive, antigen did not check, liver function test abnormalities. Days after the onset of a month in addition Ling Wu minor muscle soreness, he felt significant improvement in general, persistent positive anti-HIV antibodies, HIV anti-negative, T helper cell 360 / mm3. Two months later, he felt completely normal. What are the acute phase should be checking? In general, the acute stage of HIV infection, duration of symptoms 2 - 4 weeks or so. It means that a certain amount of acute infection the virus enters the body, in accordance with the present Institute of view, the virus can enter the systemic circulation of lymphocytes, monocytes, and the surrounding lymph nodes swollen, viral replication and rapid reproduction, and therefore can be found in relatively high serum the level of HIV antigens, while the body in no time at the beginning of Shihai produce antibodies against the rapid growth of the virus, so they are not the clinical performance of the antibodies can not be measured and, with viral replication, the body's immune system quickly into a state of war to produce antibodies, thus, generally after the onset of symptoms 1-2 weeks and antibody can be measured. Based on this law there is any suspected exposure to HIV when the envoys of the above-mentioned symptoms should go to the hospital to find that the transmission of a doctor the following examinations:
(1) HIV antigen determination;
(2) antibody;
(3) T-cell checks, including CD4 - T helper cells and CD8-suppressor cells.

Acute phase of antigen present in the serum is very short, usually two weeks to a month, so there are symptoms that should follow at intervals of 3 - 5 days went to check, and some patients had two weeks to check on the phenomenon can occur undetected , the same should also check the antibody, to see the reaction of the body. In general, the appearance of antibodies after there has been and will not disappear. As the HIV virus mainly affects the CD4 cells, so some people at the beginning of illness will be significantly decreased CD4 cells, while CD8 cells increased (normal 110-900 / mm3), doctors should pay attention not only to the number of CD4 cells, but also should be Note that the ratio of CD4/CD8 cell number, and sometimes the number of CD4 cells in the normal range, but the CD8 cells were significantly increased the number of cells caused by CD4/CD8 ratio inversion, also indicate HIV infection. With the emergence of antibodies in a stable condition, significantly reduced viral replication, CD4 cell count in untreated cases returned to normal range, CD4/CD8 ratio of the number of cells can be restored to normal levels, most of those with acute infection CD4 cell count shows normal. How to determine their own infected with the HIV virus? First of all need to be sure if they are likely to be infected with HIV.

Where homosexuality, together with others used needles to inject drugs, prostitution (even if occasionally, especially in Thailand, prostitutes), and the discovery of a spouse suspected of such acts, such as a similar period of acute infection with HIV performers should immediately seek medical treatment, truthfully inform the risk of infection time, with the doctor's inspection, an inspection can not be completely ruled out negative, and there is the possibility of infection, refer to the acute phase of growth and decline of HIV antibody and antigen evolution, under the guidance of a doctor's follow-up to strive for early diagnosis and allow for early treatment. The case of a long-term homosexual, with people sharing needles to inject drugs, prostitution, in particular those known rivals have been infected with HIV or died of AIDS, regardless of symptoms, you should conduct a comprehensive inspection to find a full-time doctors are provided for clear whether they are infected with HIV poison.

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