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HIV in Early Men Symptoms

Updated: Saturday, Sep 26,2009, 10:11:01 PM
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If someone has tested positive for the HIV virus, it just means that now the human immunodeficiency virus. This particular virus is the cause of AIDS, compared with acquired immunodeficiency syndrome, damage to the immune system of a person known to be more difficult to combat disease and illness. Men may experience symptoms at the onset of the disease.

Fatigue: Many of the men recently infected with HIV may notice a change in the level of energy or force, unexplained fatigue or even more tired than usual. Physical activity can be affected differently. You may feel a bit tired from work one day.

Swollen glands: Another fairly common symptom of HIV among men is to some extent by the swelling or inflammation of one or more lymph nodes in the body. It may be a gland in the neck, armpit or groin notice slightly swollen, raised and businesses. In most cases, swelling or inflammation, not in any pain or discomfort in the gland, although it touches, and is often mistaken for other diseases.

Fever: One of the most common early symptoms of HIV, are male or female, will participate in some degree of fever. This particular symptom usually occurs immediately after infection, anywhere two to four weeks, and spread like any other cold or flu.
The fever is usually mild, run anywhere from 100 to 101 degrees F.

Headaches: Often a person with HIV is that the fever is accompanied by periodic episodes of headache of mild to moderate.

Rash: Sometimes an early symptom of HIV are in the form of a simple rash like spots on the skin, a little faded from other areas appear. The rash is increased, and usually disappear within a week for a month after it was first developed.

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