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HIV can survive in vitro how long?

Updated: Saturday, Jan 09,2016, 2:07:23 PM
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AIDS in vitro survival time is related to a variety of factors. First of all, the environment is related to our life, followed by our body fluid or blood inside the HIV content is also related to the. So usually our normal room temperature environment in the living environment of HIV can be half a month or so. When leaving the body, carrying the HIV blood, regardless of the amount of, in the wet, the blood containing HIV are can live for about three days, in the encounter can be parasitic lymphocyte, the HIV will immediately enter and replicate, so the virus is spread. So we can draw some rules, is to be HIV contaminated things within 96 hours are still has vitality, if high levels of HIV in the blood, the survival time is very long. So these HIV infected blood can cause infection.

Although these HIV can survive in the blood or body fluids, but this does not mean that the HIV is difficult to eliminate the. In fact, if the blood containing HIV after boiling can immediately put out the virus. In everyday life, we often use a number of cleaning agents, or disinfectant, even if the concentration is very low, it can be very fast to kill these hiv. So we don't say discrimination or those patients suffering from AIDS, isolation and didn't want to suffer from the disease, but also to be around a variety of people dislike, the patient will have a lot of mental pressure. In fact, the normal life with AIDS is no problem, although HIV can exist in the patient's body fluid, but it does not mean that HIV is very easy to infect us. So we're safe.

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