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Acupuncture and HIV

Updated: Thursday, Oct 08,2009, 8:38:02 PM
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Traditional Chinese medicine can play an important role in improving the treatment of people with HIV infection, as one of the leading experts in this field.
To use traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), do not understand the philosophy and principles. You can get the grass to receive acupuncture and other treatments to try, as you take a pill press and west will remain important advantages.

It is more physically and mentally to rate himself. Used by the profound impact on breath awareness and mental fitness.
You can start the flow of Qi, the life force through a sense of their body.
Vote in your own physical and mental strength and imbalances.
They learn to continue to experience the interconnectedness of all life.
This transformation creates a sense of empowerment that are very important for a chronic disease like HIV disease. One such condition may erode the sense of control over their bodies and their sense of physical and mental self-alienated.

But there is a way for you all to log in again. The placement of this adjustment can help you get the best of Western treatments, the negative side effects. You can also manage the best position for HIV associated disorders and diseases such as sinusitis and chronic diarrhea, which often resist Western therapies. So I hope that you take time to explore a little about the inner workings of Chinese medicine. That can bring great pleasure and therapy in their lifetime.


They are the main actors involved in this complex syndrome and should be supported throughout the treatment, even if the odds of HIV-broaden the participation of all other organ systems, y.

Toxic heat generated by the first symptoms of flu, which for many people the first exposure to HIV. And as the heat more toxic and more, all body systems, triggers a series of common HIV-related symptoms: itching () year itch, sore throat, increased body temperature, a feeling, fever, even if present, and a constant feeling that something is toxic to the body.

Toxic heat is also responsible for the escalation of the instrumentation system of disharmony in the spleen, stomach, kidney and liver damage, which helps ensure the most important complication of infection with HIV, in combination: a waste.

The spleen and stomach digestion systems regulate the conversion of energy from food and liquids in the Qi and Xue (blood). As a result, to moisten the spleen and stomach, and keep all the organ systems and channels.



 Infections In often beyond) the first symptoms of HIV infection (eg, skin and lips, when tuned to stop the flow of fluids and food from the stomach, spleen and lungs. Often, the drought in one area to another causing moisture. Thus, qi deficiency of the spleen and moisture may be one or more of these symptoms have neuropathy (numbness or tingling, often) in the hands or feet, swelling and swollen lymph nodes, vaginal infections, loose stools or severe flatulence. Spleen-related diarrhea is very frequent, loose stools and flatulence after eating. Rash, often with associated HIV infection stage, must be due to spleen qi deficiency and lung deformities interaction with essential substances.

The spleen qi deficiency also causes defects Xue (blood). Once this happens, open the door for reduced blood toxic heat, and always go deeper in the body. The body then becomes more advanced stages of HIV / AIDS. If this option is disabled, (an increasing deterioration of water spleen, spleen yin aspect) to the general yin deficiency, which in turn lead to depletion of yang.


The combination of Western and Chinese therapies may temporarily the course of HIV infection in the terminal stages of AIDS for many people. However, the waste can be serious if the scale of the spleen and stomach disorders caused all yin-yang and deficiency causes fatigue. The diarrhea stopped and the skin becomes drier. The thirst is insatiable. Pin fever every afternoon and often at night. The pulse is rapid, thready, and superficial. This is a final stage of HIV disease. Acupuncture and herbs are for the Shen (spirit) and the transition to a new phase of its existence.

Toxic heat and spleen-stomach disharmony weakens the body's overall resistance to attack from internal and external factors of the disease. This process allows other organ systems do, which leads to the development of HIV disease and opportunistic infections. For example, when the development of toxic heat attacks the lungs, PCP (Pneumocystis carinii). Xue disharmony related Kaposi's sarcoma (a comprehensive, cardiovascular disease, which causes skin lesions). The moisture associated with Candida (yeast infections) and fungal attacks. Yin deficiency and blood deficiency associated with MAC (Mycobacterium avian). The humidity and lack of harmony spleen and lungs may be chronic sinusitis.
As HIV disease from the perspective of TCM, the disease begins as an attack by toxic heat, starting with containing the damage to the spleen and stomach, then in other organ systems and important substances. This approach provides an accurate method for description, diagnosis, treatment, and the whole constellation of HIV disease and those living with them.

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