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5 attention to the daily care of patients with syphilis

Updated: Monday, Jul 27,2015, 4:09:21 PM
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The long course of syphilis, to the patient's physical and mental and life brings a lot of trouble. Therefore, in addition to syphilis patients should be sensible, and actively accept the treatment, but also should do a good job in the daily care, as soon as possible from the disease.

5 attention to the daily care of patients with syphilis

1, pay attention to the details of life, to prevent infection of others

Early syphilis patients have a strong infectivity, and to the late, syphilis infectivity although will gradually reduce, but also should be careful to protect. For example: for their own underwear, towels and other items, should be carried out in a separate cleaning. Can also choose to boil disinfection. Should not be the same with the basin and bath.

2, pay attention to work and rest.

The combination of syphilis should pay attention to work and rest. In daily life, you can make the necessary functional exercise. At the same time, it should also maintain a good state of mind. Experiments show that positive and good attitude, can affect the body's immune system, improve immunity, the rehabilitation and treatment of patients with some help.

3, as far as possible to avoid sexual behavior

Experts pointed out that in the case of syphilis patients should not be cured before sexual behavior, if there is a need to use condoms. Pregnant women with syphilis, should be treated in time to prevent the infection of syphilis to the fetus. Unmarried syphilis, the best cure and then get married.

4, the treatment should adhere to the principle of early treatment, the amount of medication

Penicillin has a killing effect on the syphilis, its side effect is small. Therefore, as long as the doctor's guidance, adhere to the treatment, it will reduce complications, restore the health of the body. In patients undergoing treatment, the spouse also needs to be examined, if necessary, should be treated. And after the cure is also required to conduct regular review, if there is a recurrence of symptoms, we should increase the dosage of antibiotics.

5, syphilis patients should not be pregnant

In addition to the above considerations, experts said, once the patient in the disease has not been cured before the occurrence of pregnancy, then the treatment should start as soon as possible. And whether to retain the fetus, then should be implemented according to the wishes of pregnant women. If there is a systemic reaction in the two phase of syphilis, you need to stay in bed. Should pay attention to the nutrition supplement, strengthen the body's immune system during the illness.

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