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USA native second dye Ebola nurse discharged

Updated: Wednesday, Oct 29,2014, 4:49:52 PM
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USA native second dye Ebola nurse discharged

America Hospital of Emory University says 28 days, America local infection Ebola has second nurses in the hospital Amber Vincent, after two weeks of treatment will be discharged from the hospital on the same day. Thus, a patient in addition to a Liberia to the United States to visit last week and death in patients with newly diagnosed, 7 Ebora patients were treated in hospitals in the United States have been discharged.

The hospital of the Emory University said in a statement: "we are pleased to announce that arrive at Emory University hospital in Amber Vincent in October 15th, will be discharged today. She has no the Ebola virus in vivo."

Vincent is Texas Presbyterian Hospital Nurse, process and colleague Nina Vansley Duncan from Liberia in infected with Ebola virus, Nina in last week cured.

So far, the United States Duncan was the only one patients died. The two nurses and 5 patients of African back from Ebora, a total of 7 patients received the treatment of rehabilitation of all hospitals in the United States after. Medical experts believe that the key to cure these people may be supportive therapy, such as timely transfusion electrolyte supplement.

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