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How to overcome the Ebola panic?

Updated: Monday, Nov 03,2014, 5:10:29 PM
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After the first report of the first half of the Ebola cases from Guinea, the Ebola virus not only raged through West Africa, also landed to Europe and the United States, currently has more than 14000 people died of confirmed cases, has more than 5000 people, 8 countries have domestic or imported infections. People of different countries have different degrees of the panic psychology: South Korea will send a medical team, including 4 nurses in a panic to resign; American although confirmed cases of only 3 people, but there is a high school canceled 9 Africa students visiting; North Korea simply retreat, to prevent Ebola invasion; it has also been rumored the Ebola virus spread it's just a matter of time in our country, all of these increase the panic of Ebola mood. Some people began to confusion, confusion, restlessness, nervousness, anxiety and fear, the correct understanding of the Ebola can not repeat word for word what others say, various hearsay and rumor, which exacerbated the panic psychology.

A careful analysis of the panic psychology people, think that people have Ebola panic for three main reasons:

Personal health and life threatened the Ebola virus, which is the main reason people panic. Ebora is one of the most deadly virus known human disease at present, with the worst symptoms and high mortality rate, once the disease, development is very rapid, the main pathological features of hemorrhagic necrosis of skin, mucous membrane, multiple organ is extensive, the incidence of two or three days may lead to death, mortality rate as high as 50% - 90%. At present, the world is not specific and specific vaccine. West African Ebola epidemic has left more than 14000 people infected, the death of 5000 people, this has a direct impact on the psychological changes of people in various countries.

Ebora virus has many uncertain factors, causing people to produce inner fears and insecurities. Outbreak often has a sudden, uncertainty, unpredictability, happened, many serious consequences occur much, scale, early is not easy to judge. Another example of cause, Ebora fever pathogenesis regularity, route of transmission, experts are not fully grasp, but also the need for countries as soon as possible to carry out epidemiological investigation, all of which makes the heart of the people panic and insecurity.

Human very strong, from the instinct to escape or control its reaction. The emergence of any new things, can let a person's psychological changes, it is a human instinct, in other words, it also can stimulate the human exploration of scientific confidence and motivation, accelerate the people to overcome the dreaded Ebola epidemic.

Ebora bring people in danger at the same time, also bring people a chance to grow, when people can face and overcome the psychological panic panic, will become more mature and may have stronger confidence and ability to overcome Ebora. Director Li Lin thinks that the individual panic completely can be overcome through their own efforts, this gives five suggestions for your reference.

Effective information. Understanding of the relevant information of Ebola, through formal channels, so that people have more accurate and objective understanding of Ebola, do not listen to rumors that people walk out from the blind panic, more rational in the face of ebola.

Rational acceptance of reality. The spread of Ebola epidemic was yet another reminder that the threat of disease is always an important part of life in some ways, accept some stage, human also controlled in nature, to accept a variety of unknown or uncertain, let the mind becomes calm, let thinking tends to be rational.

Reasonable adjust state of mind. For Ebola, to despise the strategic, tactical importance, to treat with scientific attitude, although the Ebola is dangerous, spread quickly, but we know that the main route of transmission is contact spread Ebola disease, as long as strict isolation control source of infection, to strengthen the protection of individuals in place, as long as we control the epidemic, the Ebola virus not preventable, uncontrollable. Therefore, don't exaggerate in psychological human and its harmfulness.

Insist to establish confidence. From the epidemiological point of view, every occurrence of the epidemic, has a beginning, development, outbreak, the end of the process, we must firmly believe that as long as all the countries in the world are of one mind, the common fight against Ebola and together overcome the Ebola, major disaster the people of the world will be able to overcome this unprecedented. Even if a person has no confidence, even if has not been Ebola down, but by their own panic by knockout.

Receive professional assistance. We often say that "this question, that question, thought is a big problem". In the face of the current serious Ebola epidemic in West Africa, each of us some panic is normal, if worried all day, tea does not think the rice is not fragrant, night can not watch, mental is indeed a serious problem, besides himself temporarily unable to resolve, in this case, to a regular hospital to find a professional psychiatrist to psychological counseling and personalized treatment.

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