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Global Ebola case nearly 10000, deaths 4877 people

Updated: Friday, Oct 24,2014, 4:24:22 PM
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WHO announced on 22, Ebora confirmed, global cumulative emergence of suspect and probable cases of infection in 9936 cases, because of the Ebora virus killed up to 4877 people, mainly from the West African epidemic stricken Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone in three kingdoms.

On the same day, the World Health Organization Ebola epidemic the convening of the third emergency meeting in Switzerland and Geneva, to discuss coping strategies. The agency warned earlier, to December, global weekly will add 5000 to 10000 cases of Ebola case.

At present, the world big drugmakers intends to join forces, when necessary, "merge" their R & D Ebola vaccine, and strive to produce millions of doses of next year for injection.

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