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Ebola epidemic more serious than imagined, what contributed to the spread of the disease

Updated: Thursday, Oct 30,2014, 5:09:18 PM
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According to the WHO (hereinafter referred to as the "who") data display, as of October 14th, the global cumulative diagnosed, suspected and may be infected with Ebola virus were 9216 people, 4555 people death patients. Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea three epidemic situation is getting out of control. At the same time, Ebola talons into his country, America, Spain has found local infections, more infected by plane across the ocean news appears ceaselessly. In the face of this grim trend, who has admitted to internal report, the emergency ability is insufficient and lack of information, cause Ebola prevention was delayed.

The epidemic is much more serious than imagined

In 1976, the Ebola virus was found in the jungles of central Africa, come nearly 40 years, from time to time will small outbreaks. This year, waiting for a long time the Ebola gives man a deadly blow. Who data show, 1976, Congo and Sultan the Ebola case number is 602, the number of deaths is 431 people, the next few years, the epidemic trend has been steady. And this year, 10 times of infection and the death toll has more than 1976. At present, the number of cases of Ebola is rapidly spreading to every 3 to 4 weeks of twice the speed. Who's latest forecast, to December this year, a week may have 5000 to 10000 new cases of infection.

Guinea is this year appears most early the Ebola epidemic countries, the situation is very serious. Just returned from Guinea to the capital Conakry to complete what director of critical care medicine department of No.3 Hospital of Peking University treatment task return (Yao) Gai Qi, tells her what one sees and hears there told reporters. Yao gaiqi introduction, donka hospital is the local hospitals designated by the government holding Ebola patients, but patients have not been placed in the hospital building, but the tents in the hospital next to the open space on the treated in. Local is the rainy season, always a heavy rain may flood the tent. Poor environment, medical personnel busy around, not too many protective measures, the risk of infection of great. The local medical level is very low, many patients will die of dehydration, electrolyte disturbances and other special foundation complications. With the spread of the disease, the patient population is rising, 50 beds were Ebola patients donka hospital obviously not enough, new patients are still constantly brought in, crowded treated in small tent.

"The Ebola virus can be said to be the worst ever, far exceeds the expected effect." Participation in the fight against the epidemic of Medecins Sans Frontieres publicity officer He Liting told reporters. The organization said in a staff member of Conakry, since the 8 since the end of the number of patients with the increasing. At first, they modified treatment center, make room for more accepting new patients, has now been completely unable to meet the demand. More than 130 staff fighting in the front line, day and night a few months work has let the medical team appeared tired, the future work to make them feel overwhelmed.

You Gai Qi and He Liting have pointed out that the epidemic area of medical resources is serious shortage, the shortage of medicines and supplies, especially tents, ambulances etc.. In order to cope with the spread of the disease, also urgently needs to increase the power of medical professionals, such as professional treatment and health education personnel.

The raging Ebola epidemic has also led to the local social unrest. Liberia disaster area has been the emergence of epidemic infected patients drop dead in the street of the situation, isolated people because of excessive fear, fierce confrontation with the government personnel. Local trade was also affected, food and other basic necessities of life are lacking, causes prices to double. In Sierra Leone, even can not carry out quarantine hunger isolation region in search of food, to accelerate the spread of the virus.

Since America and Spain successively appeared three nurses in the local infection with Ebola virus after the shadow, gradually spread to the world. American Northeastern University even using a computer model, calculate the probability 10 to the end of the Ebola virus spread to his country. The research points out that the highest risk, France is 75%, followed by the UK 50%, China ranked the "most likely the Ebola attack by the top 30 countries in the" sixteenth. The study responsible person bluntly: "as the epidemic is serious, the risk of all countries are on the increase."

What contributed to the spread of the disease

Hidden in the Africa decades of Ebola virus, why in this year so rampant? Reporter the interview, summarized as the following reasons.

Virus high fatality rate. Yao gaiqi said, Ebola Bundibugyo, divided into Zaire, Sultan, Preston, Ta forest five genera, cause this year West African epidemic virus belongs to the Zaire species, infection and fatality rate was significantly higher than that of other species.

Public health is poor. Yao gaiqi said, no local garbage disposal system, everywhere is life waste, beaches are covered with rubbish. Dirty environment for bacteria, viruses, and breeding of mosquitoes, flies, cockroaches and other infectious diseases provide a "hotbed media". Therefore, not only the high incidence of local Ebola, malaria, dengue fever and other infectious diseases are common.

Traffic to accelerate the spread of the virus. He Liting thinks, the development of the traffic is one of the important causes for the rapid spread of ebola. "This year's Ebora infection, first appeared in the three boundaries, here people high liquidity, extremely easy to cause the virus spread outward. More and more traffic plus Africa developed, to the spread of the virus to create favorable conditions."

Public health literacy is very low. Yao gaiqi said, people know little of the ebola. One patient died, because the folk customs, many people will go to the deceased touch or kiss the dead and buried when does not consider the epidemic prevention and control, increase the risk of infection. Even the medical staff have also not professional, not wearing masks, also do not wear gloves.

The government didn't pay enough attention. People on the Ebola ignorance and the government is not enough emphasis has the very big relations. Even if the local epidemic situation has been very serious, but the government has yet to make propaganda and education about Ebola for people, many people simply do not know the seriousness and urgency of Ebola, more do not know how to prevent, or even because of ignorance, conflict and to support the medical staff. In addition, to doubt, the local government in the reporting of Ebola infection exists failure or on the number of possible cases.

International intervention in too late. Recently, the World Health internal report has acknowledged that the Ebola outbreak in early, there are a number of errors to work, cause epidemic failed to get timely control. The specific errors include: first, in the affected areas of the experts did not timely submit the report WHO headquarters in geneva. He Liting pointed out that the first cases of Ebola case occurred in February, but did not cause enough attention, until the July World Health just a warning. Two, the problems of bureaucracy to make $500000 in emergency funds for epidemic prevention and control in Guinea failed to timely. Three, failed to get the visa related countries, the world health experts failed to timely help arrived in the epidemic area.

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