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The use of masks or gas mask

Updated: Wednesday, Dec 02,2009, 2:58:18 PM
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• Avoid close contact (less than about 6 feet away) with as sick people.

• If you have close contact with the patients (for example, holding sick babies), the time may be in close contact with the least, and try to wear a mask (for example, masks), or N95-type disposable masks.

• N95 masks are exactly in line with a face you can say, around a mask edge can be inhaled small particles filters, but in comparison, masks, is very difficult to breathe through a long-N95 masks. More information can be found on the masks and respirators in the avian flu H1N1 virus (swine flu) website.

• masks and respirators, can be purchased at pharmacies and establish supply or hardware store.

• wear N95 masks, if you use spray or inhaled to help breathing treatment, directed by a doctor a sick person. Breathing should be treated in a separate room away from the common areas of the house, at all possible.

• Used masks and N95 masks should immediately take-off, placed in the regular garbage, so that they do not involve any other operations.

• avoid duplication of the use of disposable masks and N95 masks, if possible. If a reusable fabric the use of masks should be cleaned to normal washing powder and drying, drying in a hot dryer.

• After taking off a mask or N95 masks, with soap and clean water or alcohol-based hand sanitizer to wash your hands.

• For more information, see the provisional recommendations on the use of masks and respirators。

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