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The prevention of influenza is more important than cure!

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 25,2009, 3:43:51 PM
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Influenza contagious, acute infectious disease incidence in the front ranks. Because influenza is not an immediate way of treatment, so prevention becomes important, its importance was considered no less than the treatment.

Influenza vaccination is an effective measure to prevent influenza. A large number of research and practice of vaccination in many countries shows that influenza vaccination can significantly reduce their vulnerability to kinds of persons suffering from influenza and influenza-related risk of complications, but also can reduce the risk of influenza transmission to others. According to the study, 1-15-year-old children in protective efficacy of influenza vaccination of 77-91% protective efficacy of vaccination of older persons is higher.

It is now more than flu season, experts have warned that as little as possible to crowded public places to reduce the exposure of influenza virus. Libraries and other public places weeks before and after noon on the 6th or more persons, we should try to avoid this crowd flow peak hours to reduce the probability of infection.

Recently, the temperature reduction, climate variability, but also should pay attention to change clothes, do a good job warmth. Have to guard against cold bath. After shampooing, hair or air conditioners should be avoided because the hair is wet, it is easy to catch cold head.

In the diet, Wen Liang should have more drink water, eat light food. Experts suggest that try to eat less fried food, in order to prevent throat congestion, increase the mucosal surface of the wound and the chances of infection.

As a civilized people, we are coughing or sneezing should cover mouth and nose with a tissue and then throw trash in the tissue. At the same time taking care not to spit. In case of influenza-like symptoms, to minimize the absence or with others, contact telephone consultation as soon as possible to local disease prevention and control institutions.

Of course, personal hygiene should also be doing a good job. Hand-washing, wearing masks and other seemingly simple details of life, should be given due importance.

Influenza struck home can be standing in a cold prevention and treatment of proprietary Chinese medicine, cold tablets Sang Ju Tong Ren Tang has a good wind-dispersing heat is the efficacy of medicine.

Sang Ju cold film is a light brown to brown-colored tablets, gas micro-fragrance, taste slightly bitter flavor, the main ingredients, including mulberry leaf, chrysanthemum, forsythia, mint vegetable oil, bitter almond, Campanulaceae, licorice, reed rhizome. Drug Shufeng heat, Xuanfei cough. Clinically used for upper respiratory tract infection, influenza, acute bronchitis, acute tonsillitis, pneumonia, whooping cough, rubella and so early, evil person micro-light patients.

Doctors warned that taking the drug during the quit smoking, alcohol and spicy, cold, greasy food, not at the same time taking the tonic of Chinese medicine. In addition, the cold cold were not applicable. Have high blood pressure, heart disease, liver disease, diabetes, kidney disease and other serious chronic diseases should be taken under the guidance of physicians.

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