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Prevention of influenza

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 25,2009, 4:59:20 PM
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Prevention of influenza

The most effective way to prevent influenza virus infection is one of the influenza vaccine, which is presented annually, usually in the fall. Influenza vaccine is a separate subject of discussion. (See "Patient information: prevention of influenza.")

Of antiviral drugs - antiviral drugs are sometimes contacted to whom the flu, but not yet sick people. This treatment is discussed separately. (See "Patient information: prevention of influenza.")

Infection control and a sense of people - it is important to use a simple infection control measures to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. Infection control measures can help prevent the spread of influenza.

Prevention of seasonal influenza

Wash your hands frequently with soap and water can also help limit the spread of influenza. Alcohol-based hand cleaners, you can use soap and water are not available. Whether you are infected with influenza or bird flu and human care, you should always wash their hands.
Influenza is a respiratory tract infection due to contact with secretions of the spread of influenza, people should avoid contact anyone face to face to face, while the sick.
Covering mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing should be, and immediately dealt with organizationally. Sneezing / coughing into your sleeve clothes (in the inside elbow) is another means of containing sprays of saliva and secretions and has the hands of the advantages of no pollution.

Prevention of swine influenza H1N1 virus - in addition to the above preventive measures, and further preventive measures recommended to prevent the swine influenza virus H1N1 spread of the virus. (See the 'swine flu H1N1 virus' above.)

Person who is the swine influenza virus should stay at home, away from other adults and children at least 24 hours after fever (100 ° F or 37.8 ℃) solution of (do not take anti-fever drugs).
If you face to face contact is necessary, infection should wear masks.
If you are from the avian flu H1N1 virus, the risk of serious illness, you should avoid the use of adult or child influenza. If you have to take care of people with the H1N1 bird flu, with masks or N95 masks, and the person to take care of. N95 masks for close to a face, you can filter out, you can focus on other types of masks on the edge of inhalation of small particles. However, it is very difficult to breathe through a long period compared with N95 masks, loose fitting masks.
If possible, infected people should stay indoors, separated from public areas of housing, maintaining closed the door, and use a separate bathroom, while the sick. Bathroom, and needs daily cleaning and disinfection.
Pregnant women should avoid or adult pigs infected with avian influenza H1N1 virus in the care of children.

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