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H1N1 to what we eat instead?

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 10:22:13 AM
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Continue to drink milk, continue to eat pork, As long as we continue to keep up their physical condition, disease before, we would like the quiet life.

How to diet to improve immune system, away from the cold to achieve this goal, recently, the U.S. news network MSNBC gave a briefing on 6 kinds of food.

NO.1 yogurt

Probiotics protect the gut. Yogurt contains probiotics to protect intestinal tract to prevent disease-causing bacteria production. In addition, some yogurt contains lactic acid bacteria can promote the growth of white blood cells in the blood.
NO.2 sweet potato

Increased skin resistance. Skin is the body's immune system, a member of the body against bacteria, viruses, etc. The first barrier against the outside world. Vitamin A in the connective skin tissue play an important role in the process. The vitamin A is the best way to obtain β-carotene from food, sweet potato is the quickest way to obtain this nutrient, which is rich in β-carotene, and low in calories
NO.3 Tea

Anti-bacterial anti-influenza. Immunologist at Harvard University found that drinking five cups a day for two weeks straight black people of their body will produce a large number of anti-viral interferon, its content is 10 times more people drink tea, this protein could be effective against infections help the body against flu at the same time, it can reduce food poisoning, wound infections, athlete's foot and even the symptoms of tuberculosis and malaria. Of course, drinking green tea also has the same effect.

NO.4 chicken

Delicious cold medicine. Chicken in the cooking process of cysteine released from bronchitis and treatment is very similar to the drug acetylcysteine, with salt chicken broth can reduce the symptoms of sputum, because it is much like cough medicine ingredients. When stewed chicken add some onion and garlic, allowing effects more pronounced.

NO.5 Beef

Zinc enhance immunity. Of zinc in the diet is very important, it can promote the growth of white blood cells and thus help the body against viruses, bacteria and other harmful substances. Even mild zinc deficiency can also increase the risk of infectious disease risk. Beef is an important source of human zinc supplementation, so in the winter, proper tonic beef, both cold and also prevention of influenza.

NO.6 mushrooms

To promote anti-inflammatory white blood cells. For a long time, people put the mushrooms as a food to improve immunity. Now, researchers have found a reason for doing so: to eat mushrooms can promote the production of white blood cells and activities to enable them to be more preventive.

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