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prescription is composed of selected drugs and suitable doses based

Updated: Friday, Oct 16,2009, 11:43:40 AM
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Revenue Science is a subject on treatment and theories of the compatibility of regulations and clinical applications. In TCM, it is one of the most fundamental and has a close relationship with all other clinical branches, linking the basic theory to clinical practice.
A recipe consists of a selection of medications and appropriate doses based on the differentiation between the syndrome of the composition of the etiology and treatment in accordance with the principle of formulating a recipe. It is used clinically as a primary means for treating disease.
The training rules has had a history of significant length. Even in primitive Chinese society, our ancestors discovered, and go looking for food, medicines and used them for healing purposes. Firstly, they were using a single drug dose. But thanks to the long clinical practice, they realized that the recipe turned out for two or more medications to be beneficial for the treatment of diseases and rules have been formed gradually. Wushi'er Bingfang (The Fifty-rules for two types of the disease) is the oldest formulas extantmedical with a collection of over 280 recipes, most of which are ingredients less harsh doses of simple forms of preparations and requirements without name due to the simplicity of early revenues. Neijing Huangdi (Huangdi's Classic on Medicine written) in the Spring and Autumn and Warring States period, but the inclusion of only 13 recipes with simple ingredients, dosage forms containing such South, pills, powders, ointments, tablets drugs and alcohol.
It also summarizes the theories of therapeutic principles of syndrome differentiation, treatment methods, to formulate principles and rules of the incompatibility of the drug, a preliminary theoretical basis for the emergence and development of science requirements. The book Shanghan Zabing Lun (Treatise on febrile diseases and others), followed by Zhang Zhong Jing met under the dynasty of the Eastern Han, creatively joined the theories, methods, recipes and medicines in a everything and therefore as "the precursor of books on prescription" honored by later generations. The book lists 314 recipes with a strict compatibility, precise selection of drugs and the remarkable therapeutic effect. It has a profound influence on the development of this science, and not as a "classic prescription known.
As the increasing accumulation of clinical experience in processing orders, the number of prescriptions also appeared relaxed after the other, and the books were prescribed in almost all the dynasties in which all previous rules were synthesized and brought to its highest development. Corresponded example, Beiji Qianjin Yaofang (value regulations for emergencies) and Qianjin Yifang (Supplement requirements value) of Sun Si Miao, the doctor-patient confidentiality and Waite Miyao an official) by Wang Tao (Dynasty Tang (Taiping catch Shenghui. The Peaceful Holy Benevolent revenue) by Wang and Huaiyin Shengji Zonglu (General Collection of the Saint of relief) of ZhaoJie in the Song Dynasty and Puji Fang (The rules for universal relief) by Zhu Di of Ming Dynasty. The last is the best-selling book with 61,739 rules prescribed in ancient China. Recently, summarizes ZhongyiFangfi Daci Dian (Dictionary of Traditional Chinese requirements) compiled by the Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, all provisions in the earliest works in medical history.
The dictionary collects, studies and systematic basis with all proceeds from the Qin Dynasty and Han to the Present (1986), with a record of nearly 100 miles regulations, gaps in work limitation between the Ming Dynasty and today.
Prescription books embody before the Song Dynasty, as a rule, only the ingredients, dosage, administration andindications, but provide little interpretation to the compatibility of drugs in a prescription and therapeutic principles. Consequently, generations later, doctors often have different opinions on the application of certain rules, or they had set aside for failure to comply with certain rules to understand. It was Cheng Wuji of the Jin Dynasty, the first use of the principle of compatibility of monarchs, ministers, leaders and adjuvant drugs in Neijing Classic (Huangdi on medicine) reported for the analysis and review of the principle the formulation of an order in syndrome differentiation and the rules of the institution and the rule of law. In addition, he has compiled on the basis of what) he has learned from his study of the 20 orders in Shanghan Lun (Treatise on the Diseases ExogenousFebrile a concise book question febrile diseases.
This is the first monograph (dealing with the theory compatible with standards in the history of traditional Chinese medicine as a treatise on known recipes), which makes the application of theory to a new phase. Below, there were a number of monographs on the legislation, which were all known previous revenue from various aspects in relation to their stated therapeutic mechanism of syndrome and policy formulation. To understand these books, invaluable reference material for future physicians and to apply these rules correctly. Meanwhile, they have greatly enriched and developed the theory of rules on which science gradually from the requirements of a subject with an integrated theoretical system.
The rules passed by the process of experiment to theory. At first, people chose the drugs and the law in light of the single syndrome. But with the growing number of regulations and practices in long term clinical, they have gradually built a certain regularity of the functions of rules, so was the therapeutic theory. Hear the therapeutic method is a guiding principle for the treatment of different syndromes. It is open on the basis of differentiation and selection of Syndromes Etiology treatment. For example, the heat from the center of a resolution therapy is the treatment of the syndrome of heat inside, the interior heat therapy for the treatment of cold syndrome of domestic and activation therapy stasis of blood is used for syndrome of blood stasis. Once the therapeutic theory is developed, it is considered an important principle and theoretical basis of the population concerned in the application of existing legislation or creating new leaders.
If a disease caused by an aversion to cold, the pulse headache and body aches and asthma anhidrosis, thin and white fur tongue, superficial and tense-mouth checked, it can not be determined outside the syndrome cold due to exogenous wind-cold by comprehensive analysis of four methods of diagnosis. It was warm and friendly, with recipes for sgndrome relief road in strict conformity with the principles of sweat therapy for the syndromes of Foreign Affairs and drugs from natural hot syndrome treated cold. In this case, the doctor may prescribe either a number (mahuang Tang), with amendments, or develop, in itself, a recipe for hot and warm relieve syndromes abroad with the right drugs, in light of the principle of development of a recipe. And the patient is after taking the drugs, which are boiled to obtain them upon request. It is obvious that the therapeutic method, the theoretical basis for the formulation of a prescription and the prescription is the concrete embodiment is the first, namely "The revenue and are guided by therapeutic methods."
The two aspects, closely related to each other, are the two most important links in the process of differentiation syndrome.
How can you differentiate the syndromes, the definition of therapeutic methods and formulate a recipe? How do you handle reconciliation reasonable drug? How to apply rules for the treatment of various diseases? If you want to answer all the questions above, you must learn the science of TCM formulations, after the basic theory of TCM, Diagnostics of TCM and science of Chinese Materia Medica. Through the study of the book you will learn the basic theory of the formulation of an order, the rudimentary knowledge of dosage forms, and basic requirements for the administration. Moreover, many images of famous recipes to help you get a deeper understanding of the composition and clinical application of the rules, so a solid foundation for your studies, clinical placements.

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