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What are the most fruitful method of treating psoriasis?

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 2:42:15 PM
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1, to give up the past, treatment of errors, to the regular professional and a strong medical research unit of treatment, diagnosis implementation of the overall treating the symptoms.

2, eliminating the main drugs cause psoriasis, application of effective prescriptions, medication shall not be arbitrary, especially in hormone medicines, do not work. Do not wipe the best medicine, because medicine is just a temporary cover outside wiping psoriasis symptoms, not its causes.

3, psoriasis is a chronic disease, clinically proven cure has to go through 3 or 4 treatment, the prognosis but also the consolidation period of time, refractory chronic treatment seven parts to achieve one-third of rest and recuperation, do not be wasted, since that has been cured, must be prescribed by a doctor completely cured disease.

4, the most important thing is to choose a proper method of treatment of psoriasis, choose a non-toxic side effects of traditional Chinese medicine to treat side effects of traditional Chinese medicine to know others are also great.

5, there is a number of psoriasis, she has Do not forget exercise, sweating on the treatment of psoriasis when beneficial. The same time, running is also beneficial to mental and physical health.


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