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TCM Treatment of Cancer

Updated: Tuesday, Oct 20,2009, 1:25:09 PM
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The 21st century, cardio - cerebral vascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and other diseases incidence rate continues to rise, more and more harm to humanity. Among them, in particular cancer, as the disease is a vicious turn pale at the mention. The present view of the increased incidence and modern unhealthy habits, environmental damage and pollution-related factors. But precisely because they are not sure about the original disease. Western therapy major confrontation therapy, surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other methods to kill cancer cells. However, these methods to kill cancer cells in the human body will also kill normal cells, the side effects of his heart. Moreover, it lacks the means for advanced cancer, patients often wait helplessly.

Chinese medicine believes that the world is a product of human society. It is a closely linked nature and the universe as a whole, under physiological conditions in a state of equilibrium, and the ability to self-balance.

When the Human Internal and external lost balance and their role can not be restored, then the illness. Medical diseases found in the fundamental role should be to restore the balance of the human body. In Chinese medicine, this treatment must seek to find the root cause of disease, and effective methods of treatment for the cause, but were disease-served basis. Thus, the treatment of the disease coincided with the so-called great accuracy, it is just the cure diseases without side effects. Chinese medicine practice, it is through non-destructive inspection and nondestructive treatment to a simple, rapid and fundamental prevention and treatment of disease.

The treatment in the great majority of patients as a blessing. However, this idea but not practical. Because it's all people -- doctors who are adopted to achieve the doctor can view on astronomy, geography under Review, known personnel, Visceral meridian know, the Yin and Yang Qi, specifying the medication after another which, by side, indeed! So, as far as the medical treatment of cancer, if we want to avoid the side effects of Western medicine, or Western helpless situation, like governance in Chinese medicine, we must first choose a good practitioners. He certainly is to be able to really use the Chinese method of diagnosis and treatment of disease, and if it is Western thinking, have no significance. Chinese medicine has a very sound theoretical system independent, is an open system that can make But do not rely on other cultural system. People should know that cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, leukemia and so on are all Western names and theories; Chinese will have another system.

Facing cancer patients, all important information to practitioners and re-diagnosis, medicine, the syndrome and establish political, and other Drugs. Today's popular model, the theory of Chinese medicine and Western medicine attempts to use a specific part of the treatment, If put into some type of cancer, called the name of the syndrome, according to Western political theories identified, with a fixed proprietary nothing. Obviously, this is not really Chinese, beyond the effects can be. There, the Chinese medicine practitioner must have a certain theory, and the level of clinical experience, particularly in advanced cancer patients. Actual treatment, if the doctors are correct methods of treatment, the general effect starting soon. The criteria for the onset patients feel, consciously uncomfortable, painful decline. However, the cancer cure is a long process in the right way, under the premise of adhering to treatment. Meanwhile, two-thirds rule 3.07, then surely the right patients with a doctor is very important. It should be noted, first, not to indiscriminately seek medical treatment for their illness, according to the medical doctor inspected theoretical and practical results, not superstitious publicity and the title. Second, the doctors injury diagnosis, treatment means caution and to strengthen exchanges with the doctor, their understanding of the advantages and disadvantages of these methods, and sometimes not too active. Third, we fill up the law, regardless of food supplements, herbal medicine, the patient became real pure evil of the most suitable; If there is real evil, improper nourishment. often not fill the upright, but the purpose was completed, funded by invading soldiers. These practitioners must rely on the guidance. Of course, the best is less disease, cancer not such a serious illness. Chinese medicine has always advocated "Shanggong treating disease," the health, care more attention and have greater advantages. How to improve the conditions of modern life, but ailing?

It is forgotten ancestors thousands of years of accumulated wisdom of survival, Sung excessive material , eating festival, the daily went cold temperature reversed. coupled with the survival of the air, water, food, climate and other conditions, and the deterioration of social factors, personal Wei Cui, the expense is not a disease! In the incidence of cancer, environmental pollution and adverse psychological factors particularly critical, in particular the deep hatred of grievances. In modern society, people can observe traditional medicine is surely the physical and psychological theories, eating, daily necessities, green, organic, fully expected a long and healthy life; Please guide practitioners regularly can prevent illness; Even if people with diseases such as cancer. If well with doctors, eliminating pathogenic factors can be serious and more.

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