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Psychological treatment is the key to treatment of psoriasis

Updated: Sunday, Oct 18,2009, 2:49:26 PM
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Of modern medicine clinical and experimental studies have shown that psoriasis is a physical disease, a number of psychological factors that may induce or aggravate psoriasis condition. Unfavorable factors such as heart stress, depression, work or excessive stress of life, work or entertainment fatigue, family disputes, economic problems, unemployment and other lovelorn psychological burden caused by emotional trauma. The data from abroad reported that there were 1 / 4 to 1 / 3 of psoriasis patients and anxiety, get angry, anxious, and therefore, the process of psychotherapy in the treatment of psoriasis occupy an increasingly important position.

Psoriasis survey found that the incidence of domestic, urban prevalence rate is higher than rural areas, age of onset in order to mostly middle-aged, and the prevalence rate increased year by year, which in a sense, reflects the spirit of the factors that play a role. Fast-paced city life, heavy workload and tight, the competition is stronger, psychological pressure, youth and middle-aged study, work overload, competition, employment opportunities and also many problems to be solved, so thinking of a heavy burden. In the dermatology clinic in the daily survey found that due to psoriasis induced or exacerbated by psychological factors accounted for 15% ~ 30%, many patients with psoriasis because of ill health caused by emotional depression and pessimism, insomnia, fatigue, insomnia caused by the body as well as the psychological stress of the double factors that exacerbate the signs and symptoms of psoriasis. A study showed that compared with other skin diseases, stress caused by the occurrence of psoriasis and the increased rates were 70.2% and 65.7%, while the cause urticaria, acne, alopecia areata and increased the incidence rate was only 16.4% and 35.8% Both were significantly different, indicating the impact of mental factors on psoriasis was significantly higher than for other related skin diseases and mental effects. Clinical trials, studies have shown that psoriasis patients have regional cerebral blood flow obstacles, and their specific area of low perfusion with affective disorders. In patients with sympathetic excitement there is enough There is also a decline in the parasympathetic nervous tension, and its unusual degree of correlation between lesion size. Course of the disease in patients with less than a year, EGG abnormalities were about 62.1%, duration 1 to 5 years in patients, EGG abnormalities were about 92.3%, its main clinical manifestations of superficial gastritis, can be seen Psoriasis and mental system has many relationships. In addition, psoriasis patients with type A personality is 4.7 times the B-type character, but also prompt patients with unstable neurotic tendencies, more prone to mental stress, depression, except in patients with paranoid personality, but also there is a wide range of psychological barriers, such as social difficulties for fear of alienation, discrimination, rejection, discussions, and consciously shame, fear and so on to their offspring.

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