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Palms sweat on the health impact?

Updated: Saturday, Apr 04,2009, 11:20:23 PM
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Has been my palms sweat problems, but did not care how. Major summer and winter is when the hands are cold, but will be sweating palms and hands cooler sky as if cold, almost into purple, which are disease?

Hand, Foot and hyperhidrosis may be some way to try the following: 1. Every day with hot water immersion to 10 minutes of hand-foot-5, you can put some salt water, the effect better, but not to pay attention to the water temperature is too high, in order to avoid scalding. 2. Chinese CALCINED keel 30 grams, 10 grams of dry alum, for a total of inquiry at the end of each finished first after the hands, feet medication at the end of towel. 1 ~ 2 times every day. 3. Chinese dry alum 10 grams, 30 grams Kushen, pepper 6 grams outside decoction to wash, one time every day, each agent can be once a three days. Or on the direct use of drugs vinegar 250 ml water after a half-day, and then add 500 ml hot water after the hand, foot and can be once a three days.

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