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Overview of goiter

Updated: Thursday, May 06,2010, 9:15:26 PM
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Goiter, but no clinical or laboratory evidence of thyroid dysfunction, unless due to iodine deficiency goiter.

Euthyroid goiter goiter is the most common plateau for. More common in adolescence, pregnancy and menopause. Many other Highland, including due to thyroid hormone due to defects and non-developed countries, iodine deficiency, goiter caused by eating food, these foods have anti-thyroid substance to inhibit hormone synthesis. Many substances, including amino acid, lithium, and even large doses of iodine can reduce thyroid hormone synthesis.

North America, there is no iodine deficiency, iodine deficiency is still the world but the most common plateau goiter due. Can have mild compensatory increase in TSH, reduced thyroid function so from Tui, but TSH excited cause goiter. Repeated stimulation and Tui of which may render the non-toxic nodular goiter. However, the majority of non-iodine-deficient regions of non-toxic goiter due to not finding out the true plateau.

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