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Liver disease is not impossible see the efficacy of the treatment-DC!

Updated: Saturday, Oct 17,2009, 2:45:23 PM
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【Introduction】 Some people have placed liver disease described as "beasts" because it is easily lead to cirrhosis of the liver, and even develop into liver cancer, but also a higher incidence of liver disease, long-term illness would threaten patient's lives and health.

     Professor Gong Shoujun from Shanghai state on the need for treatment, should be how to treat the problem, and then the treatment of chronic liver disease, inspection and other issues, and currently has targeted new technologies and new methods to do an in-depth about.

     Determine the treatment plan is essential

     Cirrhosis, liver cancer and other chronic liver disease by severe liver disease developed from the liver of this "silent" organ, to meet the body's metabolism, even when there is a small lesion is unlikely to cause strong reactions from the human body, so often ignored . In the specific treatment of liver disease should be a wealth of clinical experience under the guidance, based on the specific test results to determine treatment.

     Proposed rule first proposed after the illness

     Liver test will determine the determination of medical treatment, error, inaccurate test results will naturally have a great impact on the patient's treatment. Generally speaking, can be "two in half", HBV-DNA, liver function, B-chao, liver and fiber of the most common hepatitis test items. At present, more advanced DNA testing method is qualitative and quantitative PCR testing, while the clinical advanced real-time fluorescence PCR instrument to track a very small amount of virus can be carried out qualitative and quantitative analysis, detection accuracy.

     To improve immune function is the key

     Ancient Chinese medical books, "Huang Di Nei Jing," said: "The righteousness exists, evil can not be dry," "True Qi from the spiritual within the defensive, patient safety has never been."

     In recent years, bio-genetics and bio-immunology and the rapid development of biological monitoring studies, a treatment for liver disease in an effective way - "DC bio-immune therapy," the rise in clinical and applied. Liver Diseases, Zhongshan Hospital, Jinan, under the "struggle between good and evil" theory, using the therapy, can effectively break the immune tolerance play a natural and normal immune function, but also repair and reconstruction of the body's specific anti-viral immunity, to achieve long-lasting effects of . The traditional antiviral drugs alone can inhibit viral protein synthesis, reduce the viral load, easy to relapse after stopping long-term medication easy to bring the virus mutation. Therefore, only to break the immune tolerance, repair and reconstruction of anti-viral immune system, in order to "win the evil down to business."

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