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DC cells ---- the most promising hepatitis B vaccine

Updated: Saturday, Oct 17,2009, 2:34:54 PM
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     As the 21st century, the latest biotechnology and hepatitis B treatment methods - DC Bio-hepatitis B therapy with modern molecular biology, cell biology and molecular immunology and other cutting-edge science-based, comprehensive treatment to overcome the three shortcomings of conventional therapy significantly liver cancer therapy to improve and effectively prolong survival and improve patient quality of life. Hepatitis B treatment CLS Bio-technology more for its non-invasive, side effects, enhance immunity, maintenance of body physiological balance, powerful kill liver cells, liver cells and prevent recurrence and metastasis of advantages, and create a whole new era of governance of the liver .

     Bio-HBV therapy is currently DC Clinical application of CIK cells for anti-tumor immune therapy, has been the treatment of a variety of liver diseases has achieved encouraging efficacy.

    Treatment Mechanism and Indications:

      DC cells known as dendritic cells, due to a number of mature dendritic-like or extended pseudopod-like protrusions named. Dendritic cells (DC) is the body most capable antigen presenting cells, the body servant usually a small number of DC cells only in antigen presenting cells can function properly when the role of antigen-presenting the body to be effective identify pathogens, the activation of acquired immune system to produce a normal immune response.
     DC cells to treat patients through the use of autologous mononuclear cells induced by in vitro generated DC, and then load the corresponding hepatitis B antigen, hepatitis B antigen loads made of DC, and then injected these DC cells in vivo stimulation of liver cells in vivo anti - lymphocyte proliferation.

     DC cell therapy for: hepatic necrosis, hepatic cysts, liver abscess, cirrhosis, liver cancer, hepatic encephalopathy, and other large Xiao Sanyang.

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