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Chronic hepatitis B virus infection DC source of bio-immune therapy technology

Updated: Saturday, Oct 17,2009, 2:38:40 PM
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The technology is completely made by our own research and development. However, in research and development process, summarize and absorbed at home and abroad in recent years, basic and clinical research experience and achievements, and to improve and perfect, and gradually worked out an effective treatment of chronic hepatitis B virus infection of the bio - immunotherapy.

     We have gone through years of basic research and practical clinical applications, currently DC Bio-immunotherapy treatment of chronic hepatitis B technology has matured, and a leading position at home and abroad. In 2004 we had completed the clinical trial phase of its work in early 2005 has been officially used clinically, is the nation's first formal clinical application of the technology one of the agencies. By the end of 2006, the provincial liver disease learn to learn to focus on promotion of its inclusion in the project. In November 2006 meeting of the Provincial Institute of Liver Disease Annual Meeting have carried out academic exchanges, November 21, 2006, Guangzhou Daily, China News, Information Times, New Express, and December 20 of the Xinhua News Agency People's net, New Express, December 21 of the Nanfang Daily, etc. have been reported, Netease, Sina and other large portals and various local newspapers have also been reproduced.

     In addition, as far as we know, there are a few domestic and international medical research organizations have been or are being carried out the research work carried out similar method ( "somatic cell therapy," or "cell therapy"), have achieved some therapeutic effect. However, experiments in cell culture methods and the details are related to our approach there is a big difference, therefore, its efficacy when compared with our treatment are quite different.

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