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China shocked the world recipe

Updated: Saturday, Oct 17,2009, 2:30:21 PM
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China shocked the world inside the secret is a prescription medicine for several decades old and the hard work! ! ! ~~~~~~ Very strong! ! ! ~~~~~~~ Cherish the body have to look at! ! ! ~ ~ ~ (Retention useful!!!)

Private secret, which the prescription is an old Chinese medicine for several decades of effort ~ ~ strong ~ ~ must see
1, drugs used in this report, with food-based, absolutely non-toxic.
2, in order to enable readers to understand the dosage units are using the old system, such as: jin, two, money, etc. Some of them bowl refers to the general medium bowl.
3, where the drugs used in general marked with * can be bought in pharmacies, drug stores have.
4, in the report talked about vinegar, is commonly known as vinegar, if using white vinegar, the report indicated otherwise.
5, in the report say the liquor is the liquor for more than 50 degrees.
6, some of the disease during treatment need to avoid certain food refers to the period of medication, if not avoid certain food, it will affect treatment.
7, this report consists of three parts, each part comes with the final health care and disease prevention knowledge, this report is an expert with nearly ten years, read a lot of health care knowledge and books, combined with the ancient folklore has long been the traditional recipe for finishing out valuable information. It brings together a number of people past and present side, recipe, secret technique can not only bring convenience for the people is necessary for each household reported data, and, for some medical professions in medical terms, but also of great reference value. ,
Practical Turkish folk (I)
1, internal medicine
1, since the beginning of a cold: light blue (connected to), ginger piece 5 money, water, a bowl of fried opened, plus a moderate dose of brown sugar by heat (onion ginger without dose), and immediately go to bed, sweating Ji Yu.
2, multi-day cold: daytime use with the first, and additionally, before going to sleep at night, with big mash garlic and wrap it two Zuxin (Yongquan, every Zuxin large tablets can be deposited soybean), with a cloth wrap the next day morning thrown off qd for 2-3 days, Jiyu.
3, headache (all kinds of headaches may be): Health white radish juice, two drops for each drop of the nose (both nostrils, two drops), twice a day qd for 4-5 days and can dig up the roots. Jichi pepper, pepper.
4, dizziness (dizziness, vertigo): a duck, bean 20, Stir in boiling water morning flight day one of this, the special effects for 7 days. Ji Chi Jiu, spicy.
5, insomnia, multiple dream: before going to bed semi-basin water, plus 12 feet soaked in vinegar for 20 minutes, and raw scallion stalk 1-2 roots.
6, dry cough (cold or other causes may be): Health and black sesame seeds 3 money (about a spoon), crystal sugar amount, a total of broken water will open the morning flight, 3 days recovery, eat fish.
7, there is sputum cough (including acute bronchitis, bronchitis, children, bronchitis): white radish 22, pear 22, along with chopped boiled water add appropriate amount of crystal sugar bowl of food, the second day used in conjunction 3 days. Heat phlegm. Same can be used and the ninth.
8, the old bronchitis (chronic bronchitis): take the winter frost hit * 12 after the loofah vine, licorice * a money Jiantang a dose of a bowl of water a day twice, used in conjunction and a half months to 20 days and can be radical. Bogey alcohol, spicy things, the best and the ninth with the use.
9, long-term cough (cough caused by emphysema and bronchitis, etc.): alum 12, and research into the flour into a paste with vinegar tune every night before bed to take soy freshman group deposited Zuxin (Yongquan, two foot, deposition), with cloth, thrown off the next day morning, for 7 days effects.
10, asthma (children with asthma): Dry Earthworm * half a catty, fried yellow inquiry into the powder, with sugar water, blunt, a 2 money (about half a spoon powder) on the 1st twice served Jiyu. Bogey spicy food material.
11, stomach pain, spit acid, gastroptosis, antral gastritis: the first time in one or two of garlic with skin burnt, together with a bowl of water, boil, add sugar fasting amount of food a day twice, for 7 days cure.
12, stomach, 12 fat ulcer: an egg-shell 30 Chaojiao inquiry into the powder, wheat flour, half a catty Chaojiao, along with uniform shaking, sooner or later to use before meals. Boiled water, a 2 money (about half spoon), the second day, the general availability of drugs to pay for a more serious illness need to pay for two.
13, hypertension, high cholesterol: celery seed * 12, with gauze wrap, put 10 pounds of water Jiantang, early, middle and late drinking a cup. Are not afraid of spicy, could, as early as the middle and late food hygiene garlic 2, there are lower blood pressure, blood lipid effects.
14, heart disease, coronary heart disease: a 12-shell peanuts, mung beans 5 money, fried dose of a bowl of soup a day twice, take a half months.
15, gastroenteritis, diarrhea: Every two and a half with wheat flour, Chao Jiao, plus amount of sugar and mix thoroughly with water, before meals, clothing, day ,2-3 days of secondary effects. Jichi persimmon, banana, greasy.
16, dyspepsia (indigestion with children): 4 2 chicken fried yellow skin nap inquiry into the powder, sugar water before meals with blunt a day twice, once two of money (about half spoon), children half, one that is served can, Jichi snail.
17, chest tightness, inflatable: white radish seeds * 5 money, fried bowl of soup suits, three times a day, 3 days used in conjunction with the effectiveness of consumer product-shun gas.
18, neurasthenia: 1 2 porcine brain by adding a spoon of honey, steamed food, once daily, ate 5-10 days.
19, anemia: chickens, ducks, it will be the blood flow in a clean white paper and dried bunched up into powder, served with wine notes, a half-spoon flour, the second day, and even clothes and a half months. Bogey kelp.
20, heat dry mouth: reed rhizome *, mung beans all five money, plus a bowl of boiled to open, plus amount of crystal sugar, to eat bean soup reed rhizome, Japanese clothes twice, and continued for 3 days. Sheng Jin lungs, antipyretic and Reduce Pathogenic Fire.
21, chronic hepatitis: time with Rhizoma Imperatae * 22, and burning a bowl of water, serving soup, three times a day, which normally takes clothes and a half months, bogey spicy things.
22, gallbladder, kidney, urinary tract calculi: Use Gallus gallus domesticus, corn to be 50 grams, fried bowl of soup once a dose a day 2-3 times, even serving for 10 days. Jichi liver, fat, egg yolk.
23, acute and chronic renal inflammation: 4 double about snakehead 1, to scale, intestine, etc., green tea, two money bag into the belly strapped on with wire, add a bowl of Shuizhu Shu, fish soup, day 1 agent, ate 10-15 days. Jijiu, salt, bananas, and sexual intercourse.
24, cholecystitis: melon seeds, mung beans fried bowl of soup all five of money, one dose. Three times a day qd for 10 days.
25, Diabetes: porcine pancreas 1, 2 a melon skin, add Shuizhu Shu, less add some oil, salt and spices (Do not add wine, sugar) eating, day one, ate 20 days.
26, bad memory: a goose egg, add appropriate amount of sugar, stir into the bowl, steamed morning flight, ate five days, there are clear puzzle brain function, enhance the memories of special effects, Jichi seaweed, pepper, animal blood, wine, green beans.
27, urine unreasonable: a two willow leaves, fried bowl of soup once a dose, the second day, 2-3 days to pass urine obstruction.
28, urinary incontinence (urgency, losing control): a pair of Ji Chang, washed and dried, fried yellow inquiry into a powder, with the yellow wine delivery service, each time an money, three times a day, served Ji Yu. Bogey ginger, spicy.
29, urinary frequency (urinating more times): Health and leek seed * 3 2, and research into a powder, each 2 to send the money to use boiled water service, the second day, which normally takes 2-10 days served. Bogey tea, milk.
30, constipation (stool dry knots, defecation difficulty): a bowl with the cooked pumpkin, add lard 5 money and the right amount of salt eaten, once daily, once effective, and 3, may be more.
31, dysentery, diarrhea: two each of garlic with skin set fire to cook a bowl of water inside the charred flight soup, on the 1st second qd for 3 days to anti-inflammatory detoxification, governance Jiuxie unhealed particularly effective.
32, snoring: pepper 5-10 tablets and a glass of water before bed, open blisters until after the dose of cool water (not satisfied with pepper below), and even served 5 days later no longer snoring.
33, hiccup: The fingernails of a small section lit smell taste, while stocks last.
34, motion sickness: car, when cut with a ginger, mouth, or a patch to the navel (this provision pregnant disabled), for motion sickness to teach severe cases, can be used with the two parties, there are special effects.
35, stroke: daily drank only a 2 Health and celery juice, patients who wear a half months of light, the more seriously ill person can be served in January, Jichi lamb, duck blood.
36, neuropathy (also known as epilepsy, sheep, epilepsy, madness disease, Fox Tai Sin): dried peach of * 3 2, with a knife cut to fine, divided into 10 copies, each copy when the onset of water delivery service with the light alum a day twice, 5 Tianyi treatment, used in conjunction three courses.
37, Hyperthyroidism: Dioscorea bulbifera * 9-12 g, with three bowls of water to cook into a bowl once a day; the other 50 grams of foam can be a catty white wine, served on a 2 ,5-8 weeks significantly reduced metabolic rate.
38, chronic enteritis: 1 egg, white wine and a half two, mix, every night before bed clothes.

Second, pediatric
39, pediatric flu (including infants): ginger 5 money, water, brown sugar, half a bowl of fried open accession dose, the second day, 2 days more.
40, pertussis (and baby asthma): 1 garlic, peeled and smashed add sugar 3 money, more than half an hour later with boiling water, 12 red, 2 days for treating children with cough, wheezing infants and young children, with special effects.
41, children enuresis: Health and light blue one, smashed, every night before bed deposited navel, with cloth, next morning, thrown off qd for 3-5 days, cured.
42, Yeti: adults put in the mouth with a handful of green tea, chew, every night before bed pediatric deposited navel, with cloth, next morning, thrown off qd for 3 days.
43, infants and children with diarrhea, abdominal distension: a garlic with skin burned, and then with the bowl of water, boil, add amount of sugar served soup, once daily, generally two or three days can be Xiaoshi diarrhea.
44, night sweats (night sweats with adult): Lao Doufu half a catty, cut paste pot burning buses, plus a bowl of water, sugar amount, Shao Tang Lemba eat together every night before bed clothes, 3 days recovery.
45, playing roundworm: raw pumpkin 20, peeled flight before meals, one eating the next day, insects can be discharged with the stool.
46, often anal itching: wound wet paste a solution, every night before going to sleep paste the anus, the next morning, thrown off qd for 3 days.
47, Xiaoeryansi (not thought to eat): Hawthorn * 3 money, and chicken skin a nap money, plus bowl Shui Zhushu before meals eaten a day or twice ate three days, there are appetizers, help digestion and the effect.
48, abdominal pain (abdominal pain with adult): Using a peel deposited at the navel. Salt sizzling then half a catty (too hot not to), deposited at the orange peel, it can relieve pain immediately.
49, eating junk: leek half a catty, do not chop, fry some more lard, once eaten, debris can be discharged with the stool.
50, molar: a Health and orange peel to eat before going to bed every night, ate 2-3 days, can cure pediatric and adult sleep teeth.
51, drooling (adults, elderly people with sleep drool method): Loach half a catty, go visceral dried, fried yellow inquiry into a powder, use rice wine blunt, a 2 money, on the 1st time, can be served.
52, Children's calcium deficiency: Every five money with dried small shrimps, seaweed and a two, along with soup, salt, fuel consumption, used in conjunction on the 1st one and a half months.
53, mumps: 1:1 with vinegar and ink well, with a brush dipped in this, apply surface of the skin 5-6 times a day, generally 23 days Saibu swelling of the self-extinction.
54, intestinal gas: raw ginger 5 money he give children a bath, to be whole body sweating, with ginger rub the affected part, on the 1st secondary, used in conjunction three or four days and will no longer recurrence.
55, examination room sedative prescription: Students Jinkao Chang immersive battlefields, often due to excessive tension, so that their produce palpitation, stage fright phenomenon, and thus can not function properly and Mingluosunshan. Are presented of a unilateral: Suanzaoren *, mung beans each 12, one finished cooking a bowl of soup a day or twice-th power to begin serving two days before the exam, the exam ended, there is sedative effect.

Attachment: disease prevention and health-care knowledge (1)
1, why is easy to eat baked goods cancer: a result of baking food fuels will produce large amounts of carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide and a known 3,4 - phenylpropionate than the carcinogenic substances, these substances will be left on the food, Therefore, eat more vulnerable to cancer.
Two, eating vegetables, which easily poisoning: 1), germination, hair green potatoes poisonous. 2) Fresh lily (that is, day lily flowers) toxic. 3) The preserved vegetables are not thoroughly. 4) overnight cooked cabbage, cooked leek dish will be in the nitrate into nitrite, nitrite is a strong carcinogen, cooked cabbage, cooked leeks Do not put for a long time to eat.
3, children should not eat preserved eggs: preserved egg in the process of adding a lead oxide material, this material toxic, affecting intelligence
4, rotten ginger should not eat: Black Ginger a very toxic, can be necrosis of liver cells.
5, soybean oil can not be eaten raw: raw soybean oil contains benzene, benzene can damage the person's blood system, so do not trap cold dishes and dumplings-sheng soybean oil, soybean oil, such as the pot will boil and cooked, benzene would evaporate.
6, long-boiled water can not eat: boiled water overnight and durable boiled water and thermos of hot water in the day in Central Africa, all contain a substance called Ammonium nitrite, this material is a strong carcinogen.
7, fish, meat and shall not be burned to eat: fish, meat and other meat dish, charred more than it will produce a carcinogenic substance called styrene.
8, Mo married men to eat cola: Coca-Cola, the body can kill sperm, so the child should by no means married men want to eat.
9, eating tender fried pork liver harmful: pig liver is the detoxification organs, liver inclusive of a small amount of toxin, if not fried thoroughly, eating harmful.
10, and which fruit bogey seafood? Persimmons, grapes, pomegranates, Zha, bananas, these fruits contain tannic acid. Tannin and seafood in the calcium-binding, will form a hard to digest the material, in both Duteng, vomiting, nausea, diarrhea and so on.
11, what foods easy to make the skin black? Eat liver, kidney, red bean, black sesame, mullet, espresso, easy to make the skin black.
12, what foods easy to make the skin whitening? Generally yellow green food such as celery, spinach, onion, apple, radish and so on.
13 What are the four bogey eating soy milk? 1) Jichi brown sugar, 2) Ji Chong eggs 3) bogey undercooked 4) Jiyong thermos loaded.
14, eating milk Which Five Note? 1) bogey plus brown sugar, 2) avoidance of frozen 3) Ji-doped water 4) bogey flight 5) bogey with the tonic the same clothes.
15, light diesel oil, rice crust should not eat: light diesel oil, rice crust contains styrene ratio, styrene is a carcinogen than that, it should not eat.
Private utility earthwork (middle)
3, surgical
56, arthritis, frozen shoulder (including rheumatic, rheumatoid arthritis): edible thin salt 1 kg, put pot sizzling, add onions to ginger all three of money, together with the cloth, still hot deposited salt-affected area to cool; on the 1st time, used in conjunction week, there is the effect Herd Qushi.
57, workers injured lower back pain: folic artemisiae * 12, 12 speculation yellow crab, dip liquor pound, three days after the waist coated wine a day 2-3 times ,7-10 days to cure lower back pain for many years.
58, renal deficiency, low back pain: Silk seeds half a catty, fried yellow inquiry into a powder. Liquor delivery service, each time an money, on the 1st twice served Ji Yu. The governing party also post-partum women, low back pain.
59, sciatica: Edible Xiyan catty, sizzling post-Jia Yi Ye * 12, deposited with the cloth to the salt affected area cool, once daily, qd 5-10 days. (Salt can be repeated every day use).
60, cervical pain: the sheep bones (raw, cooked may be) 22, smashed fried yellow, dip white wine 1 kg, three days after the rub neck, three times a day, generally 15 days, however, is curable.
61, spur (bone hyperplasia): a dog bone 32, smashed a liquor soaked fried Huang jin, three days after the affected area with rubbing alcohol (preferably with a cup of food for this wine), three times a day, may be more need to use a half months.
62, leg cramps: * 12 mulberry fruit, fried drink a bowl of soup once a day twice, 5 days cured.
63, limb numbness: Old loofah tendon * 12, a dose of fried bowl of soup a day or twice a week with clothing, there are special effects.
64, internal and external hemorrhoids: a large snail per day, will cover removed. Add borneol * 1 money, 5 minutes to take the water snail Tu anus, 2 times a day, 7 days cured, bogey Chijiu, spicy things.
65, injection agglomeration: The potatoes cut into half-centimeter-thick slice, deposited in the affected area, and then cover their hot towels a day twice a 20-minute, 2-3 days lumps dissipate.
66, body odor: pepper, pepper the 50, and research into a powder, then add borneol * 2 money, with medical alcohol and mix thoroughly, daily take a small group coated surface of the skin and use stickers, ready to tape a day for one, used in conjunction and a half months to eradicate .
67, mouth crooked eyes (facial nerve palsy): eel blood painted face, painted on the left of the left distorted and used repeatedly wiping hands from left to right, each 2 minutes a day twice, the right anti-distortion is done, used in conjunction 3 4 days that is.
68, anal prolapse (when the solution stool anus off): each with leek half a catty, water, wash the anal opening frying 2 pounds a day twice, wash for three days.
69, stiff neck (sleeping pillow or posture due to discomfort caused by neck pain): leek juice heating rub the neck, Japan wipe 78 times. 2-3 days to heal.
70, quit smoking: dry pumpkin vine * 12, fried Tonga amount of brown sugar a serving bowl, three times a day, 7 days later and never want to smoke.
71, alcohol: a live eel, put a bottle of liquor within the dip two days after the wine, a second 1-2 two or three times a day, will never want to drink wine exhausted drop serve liquor.
72, alcohol is not drunk: Gegen * 1 money, in the boiling water before drinking a cup and then drink alcohol, alcohol solvable, so people will not drunk.
73, scabies (old rotten feet): sizzling bean curd dregs and wrap affected area with a cloth, for one day, eventually becoming heal cure bad foot.
74, lymphatic system: inquiry into the snail shell fried yellow powder, sesame oil and mix thoroughly with the deposited surface of the skin once a day for qd for 7-10 days.
75, longevity health Liquor: magnets, fleece-flower root *, jujube, walnut, medlar * to 12, the Baptist Erjin liquor or rice wine, two days after the date by regular inability to drink this wine to eat, such as the elderly face ruddy Changyin can enhance the anti - Disease force, there are delayed effects of aging. 4, dermatology
76, pruritus: fresh chives, Taomi Shui, by 1:10 the weight distribution is good, first soak two hours and then boiled together with Chinese chives, Chinese chives to the chords or bathing and washing, once effective, do not use fresh water washed over the body a day once, and even washing three days will never itch again.
77, psoriasis, ringworm coercivity (psoriasis): Cacumen Platycladi *, Su Ye *, each 200 grams, 40 grams of Tribulus terrestris * A total of research rough end of the installation gauze bag, water 6 pounds small boiling Zhuhou Simmer for 30 minutes Tu wash affected area, 3 times a day.
78, neurodermatitis (or allergies, or seasonal occurrence): Lao Doufu 3, 42 Chaojiao, with sesame oil and mix thoroughly coated surface of the skin on the 1st three times, three or four days of special effects.
79, eczema (skin from red spots, blisters, itching): 3 2 Chaojiao with mung bean research into a powder, mix thoroughly coated surface of the skin with vinegar a day twice a week to cure even painted. Bogey pepper, pepper.
80, urticaria, prickly heat: daily fresh leek juice coated surface of the skin, one that is clearly effective, three times a day ,2-3 days Jiyu.
81, Vitiligo: ebony * 30-50 grams soaked in 95% alcohol, 100 ml, 2 weeks after the filter coupled with dimethyl sulfoxide * 5 ml, rub affected area three times a day, each time Rub 5 minutes.
82, I'm Feeling, athlete's foot: Johnson 2 garlic, peeled and placed inside the bubble half a catty vinegar 3 days, and then large garlic rub affected area 3 times a day. Used in conjunction 7-10 days, the anti-inflammatory effects and kill the bacteria.
83, hand sweat, Jiaohan too: alum * 5 money, hot water 2 pounds, along with melted dipping hands and feet, a 10-minute, after dipping let nature dry it once a day, five days after the normal hands and feet sweat.
84, hand-foot-cracking, rough: raw lard 22, add sugar, one of money. Ramming uniform wiping hands and feet a day 2-3 times. Grams more generally 7 days, and then rub a few days later and never relapse.
85, frostbite is not broken: pointed pepper 5 money, liquor or alcohol into the bottle with half a catty Baptist 3 days after the beginning of frostbite, skin irritation fever Tu affected area, on the 1st five times, there are special effects, used in conjunction 10 a half days to heal dig up the roots, never re-issued next year.
86, chilblains has been broken: the old cotton (the older the better) burned ash, with sesame oil and mix thoroughly coated surface of the skin three times a day.
87, Liriodendron wind, onychomycosis: a catty Aozhi vinegar half a catty, add peeled garlic 1 large, on the 2nd day after the Baptist in hand with the vinegar twice, once for 10 minutes and then washed with fresh water immersion, 7 days can be.
88, sore, boil, boil: The Health and smashed potatoes, coated surface of the skin with cloth, for one day, generally 5 days will do.
89, corns, Hou: first the external surface of the skin and old skin elimination, and then coated with cool oil, BBQ fire with cigarettes, to insist on a little pain when removed after the fireworks, the second day, 5 days off not at all.
90, scald: You can use egg white, sugar water, vinegar, honey, as soon painted in the burn wound, they will not blister it is also easily better.
91, Meteors, erysipelas (Multi-suffering in the lower extremities, the skin red, swollen, hot pain accompanied by chills, high fever, headache): The fresh leaf juice mixed with golden loofah powder * into a paste, coated with the lesion, Oral Sanmiao Pills * Chinese medicine wonders.
92, mosquito bites (redness, itching): You can use garlic, ginger rub or vinegar, toothpaste, salt water, cigarette ash, add water and mix thoroughly coated, immediate results may be itching, swelling detoxification.

5, gynecological, male subjects
93, women leucorrhea (Leucorrhea more, there is smell): a raw egg from a knock a hole, the seven white pepper into eggs, the paper sealed in boiling water to the pepper eating eggs, day 1 ate a week, Jichi pig's blood, mung beans.
94, irregular menstruation (for all by advance or delay for more than 7 days): dry Oujie half a catty, fried yellow inquiry into a powder, liquor delivery service, three times a day, a 2 money, and served a month you can come through.
95, metrorrhagia (too much menstrual flow): black fungus 3 2, fried dry research into the powder, brown sugar, water delivery service, a three money on the 1st second.
96, amenorrhea (the girls after the age of 18 and non-pregnant women do not come over in February menstruation): eggplant slices dry, fried yellow inquiry into a powder. Rice wine to send clothes, the second day, a five money 10 days can be more.
97, pass through (for abdominal pain by the time): once with the loofah tendon 12, and burning a bowl of soup suits, the second day, 7 days cured.
98, outer Yin itching: light blue to root 12, pepper 10, along with Jianshui bowl, wash genitals, twice a day, a total wash 3 days.
99, post-natal Queru: Lettuce seed * 5 money, Jiantang a bowl, add a dose of sugar a day twice, five days after the milk sufficient.
100, prenatal know men and women: The first morning urine of pregnant women dripping two drops of alcohol, red are for men, no change for women.
101, female infertility: a raw egg to open a small hole and put it into the money safflower * 0.5 or so, and then steamed eggs, one day, ate a month, (to clean after menstruation to eat).
102, uterine and ovarian tumors: Safflower 6 grams, and black beans 30 grams, Shui Jianfu to eat black beans and saffron soup, day 2 times.
103, male infertility: a sparrow every day, remove the hair and internal organs, the dodder seeds * 2 wire the money into the sparrow deemed as, wrapped steamed after eating sparrows, used in conjunction and a half months, can cure men, eventually becoming married fertility.
104, impotence (men can not erect phallus): a magnet (magnet) 5 money, rooster testicles 5, Baptist liquor pound, three days after the day according to the amount of regular Chi Jiu, which normally takes to eat a half to January. (Magnet can be used repeatedly). If not Chijiu people, a daily two cocks testicles fried food, ate a half months to January, the full restoration of sexual function.
105, spermatorrhea (sleeping dreaming stream fine): son of a kidney, cut into the leek seeds * 2 money, with the line tied up steamed, then chopped fuel salt to eat, day one, ate four or five kidney.
106, premature ejaculation (men's premature ejaculation during intercourse): leek seeds * half a catty Yanhuang, use rice wine delivery service, a 2 money, three times a day, served the cure.
107, intestinal gas: salt, half a catty sizzling, add pepper 20, with cloth and wrap it to the salt-affected area cool, once daily, preferably before bed, there are special effects used in conjunction 4,5 days.
108, male sexual dysfunction (not part of impotence, decreased sexual function is not the focus of power, more common in the frail older person, but also caused by excessive sexual intercourse): live one or two large freshwater shrimp or white shrimp, white wine 1 kg, the Baptist 5 days inability to drink after the day according to Chang Chi Jiu, wine exhausted to eat fried shrimp. Used in conjunction and a half months, there is yin tonic impotence supplement male hormone, to enhance the effectiveness of sexual function.
109, prostatitis: 0.5 g of musk and white pepper 7, research into Ximo, bottling spare. The umbilical washed with alcohol, will musk into the navel, the pepper and then cover the top of the rear cover round white one, external tape closely aligns, every 7-10 dressing 1 times, 10 times for a course of treatment.
110, prostatic hyperplasia: melon seeds * 30 grams, 15 grams of black fungus, Qin Pi * 15 grams, Shuijianbi, Japan 2 times.

Attachment: disease prevention and health-care knowledge (2)
1, how to prevent hair loss? 1) ground wash your hair, do not use alkaline soap. 2) Qin hair, use a comb. 3) The chemicals in hair dye bogey. 4) eat too spicy, too sour. 5) often to keep happy.
2, from how to prevent facial wrinkles? 1) The wash water should 30-40 degrees. 2) Regular facial massage. 3) at the appropriate Tu more nutritious cream before bed. 4) Do not eat the long-term use of unilateral teeth. 5) Do not be too high pillow. 6) less to do the following actions: Tuosai, nose picking, teeth, biting lips, whistle, askance crooked mouth, suck drinks through a straw.
3, how to prevent insomnia? Talk less about too much before going to bed, then bogey drink tea, before bed, do not use brain and feet with hot vinegar.
4, women's menstrual bogey six: cold cold bogey, Jichi tea, too hot, drink cold bogey, bogey bath and swimming, bogey same room, bogey fatigue.
5, how can birth to a baby more intelligent? 1) delayed marriage and childbearing. 2) Pregnant women bogey spicy food. 3) Pregnant women are often optimistic mood. 4) pregnant and lactating women bogey drink coffee, cola drinks and tea, as these drinks contain caffeine, caffeine can induce malformations and future generations of fetal brain damage.
6, how to make kids smarter? Research shows that if the children eat goose, pigeon eggs, fish head, would be more intelligent.
7, who can not be sleeping too? Frequent insomnia and weight exceed the standard, or people over the age of 65, heart disease and myocardial infarction patients.
8, which patients can not be sex life? Suffering from infectious diseases, venereal disease, was recovering from illness or illness, after pregnancy or menstruation, heart disease, hypertension, hepatitis, nephritis, cancer patients.
9, who does not candy? Stomach, kidney disease, hypertension, hyperlipidemia, diabetes, hepatitis, neurasthenia patients.
10, aged care has nine bogey: bogey fullness, over-sweet, salty, thick greasy, smoking, overjoyed furious, long-squatting, lazy, constipation.
11, who should not eat beer? Gastritis and ulcer patients, breast-feeding women, Peru urinary stones and liver disease, children.
12, who should not eat crabs? Fever, stomach and ulcers, hepatitis, diarrhea, cholecystitis, gallstones and other patients.
13 Which four children's lives should not be? Should not be wearing a colored mirror, not sleep in spring bed, not wearing high heels, not perm.
14, with Coffee table eating so what harm? Ji Shi Zhi gas, affect the digestion.
15, by electrical switches or plugs why take the best right-handed? Because of people's heart in the left side in case of leakage when the most dangerous with his left hand.

Practical Turkish folk (Part Two)
6, ENT
111, toothache (neurological, allergic, tooth decay pain may be): pepper 10, wine 12, will pepper soaked in liquor, within 10 minutes after the mouth with wine, a few minutes that is effective, on the 1st 2 times Each 10-minute, 3-4-day recovery.
112, periodontitis, gingivitis: Use an egg plus an equal amount to drink white wine, stir, including the mouth, spit it out after 5 minutes, the second day (day 1 egg), 2-3 days anti-inflammatory analgesic .
113, dental bleeding (often caused by bleeding or brushing your teeth): 10 pepper, vinegar 32, two days after the mouth with dip, a 3 minutes a day two times, 5 days used in conjunction with special effects.
114, electro-optical nature of red eye: employing milk dripping eyes, the eyes closed for 10 minutes a day twice, once two drops, there are special effects, bogey spicy.
115, conjunctivitis (non-electro-optic red eyes): The green tea water, wash 3-5 times a day, usually 2-3 days of anti-inflammatory anti-bacterial effect. Ji Chi Jiu, spicy things.
116, tearing eyes, trachoma: dry mulberry leaf * 1 2, plus a bowl of water, boil, wash 3-5 times a day, used in conjunction week.
117, vision loss (the old light, the old flowers, depending on the material illegible): White Chrysanthemum * 2 money, medlar * 2 money, and a daily water Paoyin (one may be foam three times), and even drink half to January , there is the effect of water eyesight. Bogey spicy food objects, kelp.
118, stealing eye of a needle: The needle with the needle nose repeated friction surface of the skin, and squeeze a little harder, 2-3 times a day, not on the 2nd can be cured.
119, cataract (cloudy crystal, so that decreased vision): * 250 grams Tribulus terrestris, Yang Gan 250 grams, 200 grams of sugar, and research for the end of 15 grams per serving, Japan and served two times 8 weeks bear fruit.
120, glaucoma (high pressure inside the eyeball, corneal edema, or showed a fog, decreased vision): a pair of pig eyes, plus one or two cooked mung beans, and then refuel, salt amount, to eat one day, ate a half months, can be makes it easy eyes, his eyes bright.
121, otitis media (ear a long-term flow, flow concentration, pain): fresh leek juice 5 money, adding alum and a half the money after the drop dissolves the ear, 1-2 drops once a day two times, used in conjunction for 5 days.
122, tinnitus and deafness: Angelica * 15 money, and black beans 30 grams, brown sugar 30 grams, Shui Jianfu, Japan 2 times, 2 weeks bear fruit. Chrysanthemum * 30 grams, reed rhizome * 30 grams, wax gourd skin * 30 grams, Shuijianbi, daily 2 times, 2 weeks bear fruit.
123, insect ears: The cat urine drop, ear drop, the worm will automatically come out. (Cat urine extraction method: with large flap large garlic, peeled and rub cat nose, cat or pee).
124, aphthous (also known as Yang Wu sores in the mouth is called oral ulcers): vinegar, distilled water equal Stir, coated surface of the skin on the 1st five times, used in conjunction 2-3 days and can be anti-inflammatory analgesic, with excellent results.
125, throat pain (pain, dry throat, there are foreign body sensation, acute and chronic may be): a green tea bubble tea is about 2 2 water, add honey and stir well two and a half, several times a day, and slowly swallowing throat rinse a day a qd for 3-5 days, anti-inflammatory analgesic, wet throat, cure acute and chronic pharyngitis. Jichi tobacco, alcohol, all kinds of spicy food.
126, tonsillitis (voice two sides launched swelling, pain, in general, mainly in the cold after): 12 black fungus, stir-fry dry research into the powder, each powder with half spoon of honey and mix thoroughly with the oral, even the second day serve five days will never be made (this side attacks of tonsillitis are available).
127, sound mute (cough, talking too much, singing, internal causes such as Huo Da sound dumb): 1 egg, into the bowl, a soup vinegar, Stir steamed food, day one, even the Eat 2-3 days, the sound loud. Bogey spicy.
128, bad breath: reed rhizome * (fresh, dry can be) 12, add crystal sugar bowl Jiantang amount of oral administration, once daily, morning flight, and even served a week. Qinghuo detoxification, treating heat stomach fire.
129, Fishbone card throat: the lighter you can make good use of a vinegar drink. If not, can duck saliva a spoon to drink, fish bone can be automated away. (Extracted from duck saliva law: with a ginger and put it into Ischaemum inside, and then hung upside down duck, duck or drool).
130, rhinitis (including allergic, atrophic, and sinusitis, some pus flowing water, nose over, and some smell taste insensitive): The yellow brick one, set fire to the burning, remove, will pour a tablespoon vinegar hot brick on a large number of heat on the risk at this time, the patient smell of its hot air, the second day, for 7 days, eliminate heat, anti-inflammation, detoxification Tongqiao, cure various types of rhinitis, with special effects.
131, nosebleeds: Ou Jie *, reed rhizome * contour, together with chopped, fried drink a bowl of water once a day twice, used in conjunction 5, heat to stop bleeding, and never relapse.

7, beauty
132, in addition to facial wrinkles: Fresh cucumber juice 2 spoons, add egg equivalent (about one egg), stir, wash your face every night before bedtime, and then smearing facial wrinkles Department, the next morning, wash with warm water, used in conjunction half to January, will enable the gradual contraction in the skin to eliminate wrinkles with special effects.
133, skin, thick black: by cosmetic whitening skin, can only be temporary disguise, treating the symptoms not the root cause is to introduce you to a root of the problem can rule the table and really white skin whitening recipe is simple and there are special effects: Use white vinegar \ glycerol according to 5:1 mix, often rubbing the skin (on the 1st two \ three times) make the skin moist, reduce melanin deposition in January after the soft white skin that is delicate, clean smooth and elastic, full of beauty. (This side of genetic dark-skinned are valid).
134, in addition to freckles: Almond * 5 money, and research into a fine powder, with egg and mix thoroughly, every night before bed, painted face, the next morning wash with warm water, once daily ,10-15, markedly thereafter not at all.
135, cinnamon classes \ Hudie Ban: melon juice \ equal amount of white vinegar, and mix thoroughly coated face, day 2-3 times, after James had 10 minutes to wash away. In addition to the net can be used in conjunction and a half months.
136, in addition to facial pigmentation: fresh tomato juice \ honey, according to 5:1 mix, painted face, wash off after 10 minutes qd for 10-15 days, can break down melanin, the skin rosy white.
137, in addition to acne (Liquor thorn \ Qingchun Dou \ acne): Fresh cucumber juice \ equal amount of white vinegar and mix thoroughly, first wash your face with hot water and then painted face, three times a day, after James had 10 minutes to wash away with warm water, used in conjunction and a half months may be more, later not old.
138, in addition to mole: peanut charred broken, and mix thoroughly with alcohol, Tu mole on the painted every night before bed and wrap the next day morning wash, used in conjunction and a half months can be eliminated, (large mole be painted in January) .
139, hair loss \ dandruff \ head itch: Each with mulberry root bark * 4 money, water, Er Jin, boil wash your hair, on the 1st time, washed not to overshoot used in conjunction with water 5 days, can promote blood circulation of the scalp, there is solid fat role, and governance of dandruff \ head itch, renewable hair.
140, alopecia areata \ bald: According to 134 to use, and use the old ginger rub the scalp 3-5 times a day, with 134 the same with a half months, not 12 months later it will re-grow a thick hair.
141, hair brightening: Beer \ vinegar mixed 2:1. Reapply daily moisture with a towel, hair once, used in conjunction and a half months.
142, white hair black: fleece-flower root * \ black sesame seeds all 32, along with fried dry pulverization, with sugar water transfer service, each 3 money, once daily, and even served a half months, may be made kidney health. Bogey beans.
143, weight: dry lotus leaf * \ * by 1:2 dried melon skin with a good day, with about 12 pound of water to drink bubble, there is to thick greasy \ hands of the oil scraping effect, bogey fat.
144, Thin Zengpang: eggs, two, playing in the bowl, add 1 tablespoon ketchup Sheng Fan and proper sugar, use equal amount of water will open into a semi-cooked food once a day, morning flight (which can also eat thin yellow fried egg) ate in January, the future will gradually fat.
145, teeth whitening: The salt \ baking soda equivalent to join transferred into a toothpaste-like, brush your teeth once a day ,3-4 days In addition to all stain the teeth surface, so that the teeth white.
146, in addition to fine hair \ beard (hirsutism): old batteries powder \ base powder volume, and mix thoroughly with medical alcohol, over 5 minutes to automatically wash away a day 7 days a 5-fine hair \ beard off automatically will be no more hair and skin, no allergy to this side, no stimulation, without any side effects.

8, the Food and phase g
The same can not be eaten within two hours, picking the relevant health care books.
1, eggs bogey saccharin? - With food poisoning, death
2, tofu bogey honey? - Eating on the same deaf
3, kelp bogey pig's blood - the same food constipation
4, potatoes bogey bananas - with fresh freckle
5, beef bogey brown sugar - the dead with food inflation
6, dog bogey eels - have died, with the food
7, mutton bogey snail - with the food product fresh abdominal distension
8, celery bogey rabbit meat - Fresh off the hair with
9, tomato bogey green beans - with the debilitating eating
10, Crab bogey persimmon - the same food diarrhea
11, goose bogey pear - with Fresh kidney injury
12, onion bogey honey - with the fresh eye injury
13, blackfish bogey eggplant - with food stomach pain
14, soft-shelled turtle bogey amaranth - with food poisoning
15, preserved eggs, brown sugar, bogey - to throw up with the fresh hair
16, ginseng bogey radishes - with the food product Sizhi gas
17, liquor product persimmon - the same boring food Heart

Attachment: disease prevention and health-care knowledge (3)
1 What are the benefits of drinking tea? Vibration spirit, by memory, in addition to fatigue, anti-tumor, anti-aging, helping to lose weight.
2 Which tea is the most powerful health care? The order is: green tea, jasmine tea, black tea.
3, who should not drink tea? Pregnant women, women's menstrual and Pu Ru Qi, suffering from insomnia, constipation, anemia, ulcer disease, liver disease, high blood pressure, fever patients and blood donors who are not tea.
4, 10 bogey tea Which? Bogey fasting tea, hot tea, cold tea, tea, tea before bed, get up early tea, tea immediately after a meal, during the long brewing tea, tea and tea medication before meals.
5, Geye Cha can drink? Geye Cha After a long soak, not only completely non-nutritious, but will also breed a number of harmful bacteria, such as drinking too easily hurt the stomach, so it is best not to drink.
6 kinds of tea throughout the year how to choose? Chun-Yi tea, XIA Yi green tea, green tea should fall and winter should black tea.
7, the new tea is good or Chen tea good? As the saying goes, "Wine gets better with tea gets better with time," says Chen Yi Tea has been a resurgence of mildew and eggs pollution, they still drink new tea is better.
8, drink tea, OK? Who, after drinking alcohol in the person's liver into ethanol, and theophylline in tea quickly into the kidney, the kidney to stimulate too much, will it damage the renal function.
9, tea can do hangover? According to scientific research shows that there is no tea breaks down alcohol in the composition, but also damage Moreover, tea or alcohol drinking from the same kidney function, so avoid drinking tea, especially tea.
10, drinking Which eight bogey? Bogey excess drained bogey, bogey fasting drinking, bogey blending wine, bogey sick drinking, Jijiu after medication, Jijiu after drinking tea, bogey pregnant women, children drink.
11, why can not Chijiu the morning? Because people start at 6 o'clock in the morning, a gradual increase in the body of the ether, to reach the peak of 8 in the morning, this time drinking, alcohol and ether combined will make people feel tired all day.
12, drunken How to Solve? Repeatedly touch with your fingers and chopsticks throat to vomiting, drink bowls of water, then spit played the role of gastric lavage; can use vinegar and water, soda water to drink next.
13, who should not be drinking? Stomach, urinary system stones, liver disease, pregnant women and children are not drinking wine, rice wine and beer.
14, children's drinking what harm? Injured liver, kidney injury

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