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Capabilities of Traditionnal Chinese Medicine

Updated: Monday, Aug 24,2009, 1:17:32 PM
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Oriental Medicine treats the entire range of human illness. It does not, however, cure the entire range of illness. Such a claim is inaccurate for any form of medicine. The following list gives a sample of the capabilities of the medicine. It is drawn from three major textbooks published and used in China's traditional medical college system and in the American schools of Oriental Medicine.

Traditional Chinese Medicine is a system of health care founded on oriental views of the universe and itis models of existence such as Yin and Yang, Qi/energy, or the 5 Elements. The appropriate treatment method(s) for a specific patient are selected on the basis of information gathered by Traditional Chinese Medicine diagnostic techniques. This information is then interpreted according to Traditional Chinese Medicine principles about physiology, health and illness. The results guide the use of acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine.

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