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tuina therapy indications, contraindications

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 5:13:42 PM
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tuina therapy broader indications for orthopedic injuries, but not any injury can be done tuina therapy, massage therapy have therefore chosen to be clear before the diagnosis, were identified as indications to proceed.

1, indirect violence or chronic strain injury caused by some of the majority of indications, such as the major body joints sprains, muscle sprains, muscle strain and so on.
2, direct violence has led to soft tissue injury in the latter part of.
3, fracture healing after joint, after joint dislocation reduction adhesion, stiffness and soft tissue contracture.
4, some bone and joint diseases caused by physical pain, limited mobility persons, such as cervical spondylosis, knee osteoarthritis, hypertrophic spondylitis.

1, diagnosis of some unknown suspicious fractures, tumors, tuberculosis, osteomyelitis and so on.
2, acute joint sprains, swelling and severe early caution.

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