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tuina massage therapy cold

Updated: Monday, Oct 26,2009, 4:33:00 PM
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Clinically, the common cold have the following symptoms: nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, headache, fever and so on. In general, the common cold mainly due to Feng Xie invasion of the body caused by short duration and easy to cure. Occasion in the winter and spring, mainly Han Xie and folders, but there no sweat, headache, flow clear nose, throat itching, cough, sputum rare color white, dressed Kaohuo some cold flu cold flu symptoms, although some were lost due to cold Governance , Evils from the cold of heat, re-emerged, such as fever, sweating, head Zhang Tong, sore throat, streaming muddy tears, cough, cough and other symptoms thick yellow sputum. This is the type of heat common cold.


Type should be expelling wind and cold-dispelling cold, relieving exterior Xuanfei. Select Foot Bladder sun, hand-Lunar lung, hand-Yangming Large Intestine Meridian, Governor Vessel, Conception Vessel of the acupoints, accompanied by the relevant acupoints. Acupoints are in the House, the throttle, the wind pool, wind House, Feishu, Hegu, the sun, Ying Xiang, shoulders well, YINTANG.

Type of heat to be wind-dispersing heat, relieving exterior clearing the lungs. Plus Dazhui, QU pool, days protrusion, full throttle in the middle hole.

Basic How

Cold-type Anrou Yin-Tang, the sun, Ying Xiang, sub-wiping his forehead, grabbed by Hegu, foreign customs, to the degree of human sweat, and then the wind pool just the right force, shoulder wells, followed by Anrou in the House, the throttle, the wind pool, lung Yu (Mei Xue operation time of 1 ~ 2 minutes) and then re-Anrou upper back 1 to 2 minutes, finally figure out by hand and hand Yang Ming Tai Yin Lung Large Intestine Meridian 1 ~ 2 times.

Of Heat-Anrou Yin-Tang, the sun, Ying Xiang, sub-wiping his forehead, and then from the shoulder along the hand-Yangming Large Intestine Meridian and hands Lunar lung to the kneading fingers holding the end of a ~ 2 times, with emphasis Anrou Qu pool, foot-ze, foreign customs, Hegu, thenar, take knead the wind pool, and then focus on Anrou in the House, the days of the conflict, Shanzhong, well just the right shoulder massage on the back 1 to 2 minutes, and click Dazhui, Feishu (Mei Xue hours of operation 1 to 2 minutes), tapping on the back five times to the shoulders, and along the Governor Vessel and Bladder from the beat back five times to the waist.

Treatment Principle

Cold-type massage Yin-Tang, Ying Xiang, points to push his forehead can only headache, the nasal Khieu; by Feishu with the House (lung Front-Mu Points, hands and feet through the intersection points Lunar), Nai-Yu had raised to match, can Xuanfei solution table , only the cough, in addition to nasal congestion; by throttle (full sun, with the Du channel intersection points) can be scattered wind cough, in addition to heat, only headache, Xiang-Qiang; Anrou just the right throttle, the wind pool (Foot Shaoyang, Yang-dimensional of the Council), the shoulder wells (foot Shaoyang, Shenyang Victoria's Society), can solve only the first entry in Table cold-dispelling pain; Anrou Hegu (the original hand-Meridian points), foreign customs (Ba Mo intersection points) can be Shufeng heat, Shujin vibrant, and can enhance the power of relieving exterior.

Of Heat-click Ojo (Zhu Yang of the Council) can Nobumichi SANYANG by gas, has a good antipyretic effect; by the wind pool could be Shufeng cooling solution table; by Qu pool (combined points of hand-Yangming) , Hegu can Xiefei heat, in addition to cough and eliminate sore throat; by Shanzhong (hand, foot Yangming intersection points), Tin sudden (Yin Wei, Conception Vessel's Society) to cough and eliminate sore throat.

Chinese Massage treatment of these common cold, light card 3 to 4 times can be cured. In operation, when the shelter from winds and cold. At the same time, the patient should also note that in the diet on a daily cold warm, to drink boiled water, avoid over exertion. Because massage therapy in general has no adverse reactions, so this method is particularly suitable for children, the elderly and those ready to bred. For pregnant women, under the guidance of doctors and other points may be deducted Aitani.


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