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tuina The role and characteristics

Updated: Wednesday, Nov 04,2009, 5:09:18 PM
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1. Massage the role of health care

     (1) to clear the meridians. "Huang Di Nei Jing," Lane said: "The meridian is not working; disease was born heartless rule in order to massage", indicating the role of the meridian massage are clear. If Anrou foot three years, pushing the spleen through the functions can increase the secretion of digestive juice, from the perspective of modern medicine, massage is mainly by stimulating the peripheral nerves, promote blood and lymph circulation and metabolic processes between organizations, to coordinate the tissues, organs among the features that make the function of the level of increased metabolism.

     (2) reconcile qi and blood. Jia Luo Ming health in the "Sin Wanshou book" Lane said: "The massage can be awakened to clear the hair, can transport spin-wing Guardian." Yun-Rong Wei spin here is to reconcile the blood was intended. Because massage is to soft, light and the power, through the meridians, according to points, Shi surgery in the human body, through the meridians to regulate the conduction of the body, in order to harmonize Ying and Wei Qi and blood, enhance the body healthy. Modern medicine believes that manipulation of the mechanical stimulation, by mechanical energy into heat combination in order to enhance the local tissue temperature, prompted telangiectasia, improve blood and lymph circulation, reducing the blood viscosity, reduce peripheral vascular resistance, to reduce the burden on the heart, it can prevent cardiovascular disease.

     (3) increase the body immunity. Such as dysentery in children by manipulation of symptoms relieved or disappeared; of pediatric pulmonary rale of wet and dry, the Anrou small stripes. Palm cross striations and effective. It has been tied in the age group of children in the control group, massage, massage for children by the group, the incidence rate has dropped, height, weight, appetite mused higher. Clinical practice and above all other animal experiments proved that massage has anti-inflammatory, antipyretic, enhance immunity role and can enhance the body's disease resistance.

     It is due to massage to clear the meridians. So that blood flow week to maintain the body's yin and yang balance and so massage can feel the muscle relaxation, joint flexibility, people in high spirits, eliminating fatigue, to ensure that health plays an important role.

     2. The main features of health care massage

     Massage the economy is simple, because it does not require special medical equipment, time and place are not subject to weather conditions, anywhere, anytime can be implemented; and the smooth, reliable, easy to learn and easy to use, without any side effects. Precisely because of these advantages, massage become a popular favorite health fitness measures for the masses. With normal hearing, can enhance the body's natural resistance to diseases, access to health effects; pairs of patients, it can enable the local symptoms subside, but also speed up the recovery function of the affected part, thereby having a good therapeutic effect.

     3. Attention

     (1) physical and mental relaxation. Massage thinking should be focused on, inter alia, in particular, calm, tense body and do not require to do both physically and mentally relaxed.

     (2) an accurate point selection. Control points of the acupoints commonly used methods and means, with a view to selecting points accurate, the correct way.

     (3) The appropriate force. Because it is too small not achieve proper stimulus too easy to produce fatigue, and easy to damage the skin.

     (4) gradual and orderly progress. The number of times up to the manipulation as little more than power from the light gradually increased massage, massage points can be gradually increased.

     (5) perseverance. Whether to use massage to health care or treatment of chronic diseases, are not one or two days on the effective, often have accumulated over time, and eventually manifest themselves for, so I should have confidence, patience and perseverance.

     In addition to the above considerations, we must also grasp the massage health, time, time to 20 minutes is appropriate. Preferably sooner or later each time, such as the early morning and before going to sleep before getting up. In order to enhance efficacy, prevent skin damage, in the Shi massage technique may use certain drugs for lubricants, such as talcum powder, sesame oil, massage milk and so on. If the local skin damage, ulcers, fractures, tuberculosis, cancer, bleeding is prohibited here for massage care. Self-massage, the best vest wearing shorts, operation methods as direct contact with the skin. Massage after sweating phenomenon, should pay attention to shelter from the wind, so as to avoid a cold. In addition, in hunger, fullness, alcohol or fatigue, we also do not make health-care massage.


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